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Why you should cheer on Georgia


The College Football Playoff National Championship is here between Georgia and TCU. Here’s why you should cheer on the Georgia Bulldogs to win.

National College Football Playoff Championship: Why you should cheer on Georgia

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Sorry if this take sucks, it’s not my fault…

Of everyone I know who lives for Michigan and Ohio State football, I haven’t had time to deal with the panic factor of all my friends in Georgia who are worried about a gag.

Georgia is very good at college football, and it’s okay

When did we stop loving amazing sports teams?

I understand. There’s a knee-jerk reaction against rooting for anything SEC-related.

From the slogan “It just means more” – loose Latin translation: we don’t have enough meaningful professional sports in our part of the country – to all the successes over the years, to the hard knocks daring to point out even the slightest defect, it’s easy to want someone another to win the College Football Playoff National Championship.

But one key element is missing when it comes to the Georgia Bulldogs’ rise under Kirby Smart: credit.

It was not certain that Georgia would be as good. It wasn’t a given that he would finally get over the hump and win the national title last year, and it certainly wasn’t a given that he would get to LA this season, let alone be the prohibitive favorite after having lost an epic class. players in the NFL.

And it certainly wasn’t a given when Ohio State had him against the ropes for 60 minutes of an epic Chick-fil-A Bowl.

Yes, sure, Georgia is considered the big, bad program in the SEC after years of recruiting and developing talent levels, but Smart takes credit for it. That’s it. That’s the game. Bring in great talent, train them all, and bring in more. This is how it works.

You think it’s easy for all great programs to be amazing? How many Texas A&M SEC Championship t-shirts do you own?

– Georgia vs TCU CFP National Championship Preview, Predictions

Texas was a first USC to be the program that did the least with the most.

Tennessee and the state of Florida are just beginning to catch up. Florida had a losing season. USC and Penn State have yet to make the college football playoffs. Oklahoma, Michigan and Notre Dame have yet to win a game in this matter. And then there’s Nebraska – it’s hard to make it to the college football playoffs when you can’t be bowling eligible.

Prior to succeeding last year, Georgia hadn’t won a national championship since 1980 – its fanbase hasn’t had time to grow insufferable yet. But Smart did. He took all the near-but-not-quite success of the Mark Richt era and kicked it up a few notches with loading recruiting classes, plenty of wins, and a whole bunch of tough calls, especially at quarterback.

Georgia got the job done, it got the job done, and now it’s portrayed as Goliath in this tale of the College Football Playoff National Championship.

First, seriously, Goliath. It’s a rock – D up or duck. Second, and I cannot express this point strongly enough…


I can’t tell you how many times over the past few weeks I’ve had to correct those who accused me of being a Power Five snob – which I totally am – because I picked Michigan to hit TCU and now I think Georgia is going to roll.

Choosing USC to rip Tulane – it is complete snobbery. UCT? No, it’s not as big as Georgia. No, it does not all have the same benefits. Yes, he has been part of the Big 12 since 2012.

TCU went 13-0 and won the Rose Bowl in one of its final years at Mountain West. It was watered harder than any team in the nine-year college football playoff history after finishing 3rd in the 2014 penultimate standings and being eliminated in the Finals.

The program has won five of its last six bowl appearances, had ten 11-win seasons since 2005, finished ninth or better in six AP polls since 2008, and…

Yeah, that’s a great story after going 23-24 in the four years before Sonny Dykes took over, and yeah, that’s happening with a group of players who would struggle to crack Georgia two deep. . But it’s here, making it the most successful college football program in Texas during the college football playoff era.

Georgia is also there as it tries to become the first straight college football playoff national champion.

It’s good to encourage that. There’s nothing wrong with cheering on a team that lost most of its key starters to the NFL last season. It’s normal to encourage Georgia to win this.

It’s okay to encourage greatness.

The story originally appeared on College Football News



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