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UGA football legend Frank Sinkwich took on the TCU at the Orange Bowl


University of Georgia star left half-back Frank Sinkwich, seen on October 24, 1941, wears a special brace to protect his jaw, which was broken in a game with North Carolina earlier in the season .  (AP Photo)

Over time, iconic moments of the past are often diminished and downgraded as inferior to the accomplishments that have become the norm in today’s sporting competition.

It is certain that today’s athletes, benefiting from diet, training and other influences, are remarkable and extraordinary. And there are so many.

Football has become a fast game. The speed of the game is incredible with the players, as a group, getting faster and faster. Three-hundred-pound linemen who can run 19 miles per hour (like former defensive lineman Jordan Davis) are as common as SUVs on a highway.

Loran Smith

It’s been three quarters of a century since Frank Sinkwich set the Orange Bowl total offensive record (all bowls actually) of 382 yards – 139 rushing yards and 243 passing yards.

It was Georgia’s first bowl team and Sinkwich played the season with a broken jaw, which was broken in Game 2 against South Carolina in Athens. Bulldog training staff designed a protective mask that kept Sinkwich playing. He remained the starting tailback through Miami’s Orange Bowl.



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