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Twitter workers beg Elon Musk for toilet paper on Slack


  • Elon Musk has continually cut costs since taking over Twitter.
  • The company’s New York office is without maintenance staff, leaving bathrooms uncleaned.
  • IT support workers have also disappeared, creating gaps in basic needs like computer chargers.

Elon Musk’s drastic cost-cutting on Twitter has unintended consequences for employees, including smelly bathrooms and no toilet paper.

Over the past three days, staff at Twitter’s office in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood have seen the effects of the billionaire’s decision not to renegotiate the contracts of facility maintenance workers who handled supplies office and cleaning. Smells from uncleaned bathrooms and multiple clogged toilets are seeping into hallways and workspaces, according to two people familiar with the stinky situation and posts seen by Insider.

Toilet paper could not be found in the office, said those people, who asked not to be identified discussing harmful topics. Meanwhile, Musk still requires almost everyone to work in the office five days a week.

There were multiple requests on Slack and via email from employees for someone at the company to fix the deteriorating bathroom situation, people familiar with said. Thursday afternoon, no one had received an answer. A Twitter spokesperson did not respond to a request for comment.

In recent weeks, Musk has cut Twitter spending more than many remaining employees expected, allegedly in an effort to save the company. Several health and wellness benefits have been removed or terminated, free food and office snacks are limited, and offices in San Francisco continue to serve as dorms and showers to reduce hotel costs, while other offices are closed. Even one of Twitter’s three main data servers in the United States was abruptly shut down last week to save money, three people familiar with the move said.

A worker at the New York office said the lack of basic necessities like toilet paper was “just plain bad” and further hurting the company’s already low morale. Another employee admitted that if no toilet paper is provided by the company by Thursday, workers will likely be forced to bring their own rolls from home, as their colleagues briefly had to do at the corporate headquarters. Twitter in San Francisco, as noted in a recent New York Times report. . A new facilities team was brought into that office last month, two people familiar with the company said, which has yet to be granted to New York workers.

Another issue that has arisen due to Musk’s cost-cutting is the lack of an in-house IT support team. Almost every employee who would help co-workers with work computer and software issues was fired, terminated or quit during Musk’s two months of ownership. Remaining staff have little or no recourse for common problems ranging from broken computer chargers to accidental lockouts of internal systems needed to do their jobs, the two people familiar with said.

This is frustrating for employees who encounter problems, but also a source of anxiety as it can keep people from working for periods of time. Performance reviews now happen “almost all the time,” one employee said, and high productivity continues to be the primary measure of good performance.

In order to resolve the issues, the main course of action is for Twitter employees to seek help on one of the few remaining public group channels on Slack, most of which have been shut down (including the channel previously used to discuss health and safety issues on Twitter). Requests are simply sent in the hope that someone in management will notice, said one of the people, considering that employees do not know to whom they should direct their questions or their needs.

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