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'Today' Fans Criticize Savannah Guthrie For Her 'Rude' Behavior Towards A-List Guest On Live TV


On December 16, Janet Jackson, 56, appeared on the breakfast show and chatted with Savannah Guthrie as well as Sheinelle Jones, Craig Melvin, Hoda Kotb, Dylan Dreyer and Carson Daly. But, Savannah and her co-hosts have come under fire for their treatment of the singer-songwriter on the show. For some reason, Janet was forced to stand throughout her interview while the hosts were all seated on stools.

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Fans accuse Savannah Guthrie of snubbing Janet Jackson on the TODAY show

Despite the odd seating arrangement, Savannah, 51, later shared some snaps of the TODAY co-hosts with Janet and simply captioned the post, “Miss Jackson!” Unfortunately, his supporters were unimpressed. Many were confused as to why Janet was on her feet for the entire interview, while the hosts all sat down.

Commenting on the post, one person noted, “Wish you had offered her a seat. She even looked behind her to see if one had been brought to her. Very strange to have her stand up. Another simply asked: “Why didn’t you give her a seat?” while another said, “Why did she stand for so long? That’s the only thing that confused me…” A fourth person even commented : “No seat. It was like the most awkward interview with her while she was standing and you were all seated”, while another fumed: “How they didn’t even offer her chair, oh their heads are in the clouds lately. Someone else wondered, “How come there wasn’t a chair for her? Maybe didn’t want to sit down? And another person mentioned, “Couldn’t anybody get her a chair? And Sheinelle kind of hijacked the whole segment and made people talk about it. Ouch!

Sheinelle, 44, certainly shared a special moment with Janet when she appeared on the TODAY show. The co-host and mom-of-three is such a super fan that she even dressed up as Janet for TODAY’s Halloween 2019 celebration (and performed “Rhythm Nation” with backup dancers!) . Janet thanked Sheinelle for the tribute through a recorded video message saying, “Hey Sheinelle, thank you so much for thinking of me and ‘Rhythm Nation’ this year. Man, I can’t believe it’s been 30 years since this album came out, but I’m so glad you still enjoy it. However, during Janet’s last TODAY appearance, the clip was shown again and Janet ended up inviting Sheinelle to her next tour!

“I would like you to join me (on stage),” Jackson told Sheinelle. “You should.” Sheinelle smiled brightly as her co-hosts expressed shock at the invitation. “Wait, what did she just say?” said co-anchor Hoda. And, “Sheinelle, get that for a second,” co-host Dylan Dreyer encouraged. Sheinelle looked shocked!

Janet confirmed how serious she was: “Yes because I’m looking for someone to come on stage and dance with me to a song or two.” Sheinelle took a moment to tell Jackson how influential she is to her and other women’s personal development.

Janet answered honestly, “I was serious about you coming on stage.” She then invited the rest of the TODAY family to join her tour audience: Hoda, Dylan, Craig Melvin, Savannah Guthrie and Carson Daly. “I’ll be there,” Sheinelle said, referring to Jackson’s last tour.

Savannah Guthrie celebrated her 51st birthday with a heartwarming message from Hoda

On December 27, the TODAY co-host celebrated her 51st birthday! She spent time with her family and received warm wishes from Hoda Kotb. “Today we celebrate you @savannahguthrie!! Well…today and everyday! Happy birthday honey!” Hoda wrote on Instagram. The photo shows the two women at their desks TODAY, with Savannah smiling broadly and raising her hand in the air.

Hoda and Savannah have been close colleagues and friends for years. In 2018, they made history as the first pair of women to co-host the TODAY show. Since then, their relationship has grown stronger. In May, Hoda and Savannah reflected on their friendship and got emotional. Savannah said, “It’s wonderful to have a female partnership, but for me to have this friend and cheerleader and partner, and I really feel that about her, and I hope we share that. . It’s incredible. I always say, ‘I’ll hold hands, close my eyes and go anywhere with you.’ I would.” That’s nice!



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