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Tigers run business in Atlanta, sweep Georgia Tech


ATLANTA, Georgia – It’s been a busy week of racing for the Auburn Tigers, but Ryan Wocho MurkaThe crew was up to the task. The men picked up their third top-25 win of the season while the women picked up their sixth win of the year.


#9 Auburn 213, #21 Georgia Tech 87

#19 Auburn 218, Georgia Tech 82


Saturday started in dominant fashion for the Auburn women. Ellie Waldrep, Anastasia Makarova, Meghan Lee and Lexie Mulvihill combined for victory in the 400 QN relay. It was a tight race for second place between the Tiger’s B and C relays and in the end it was Daisy Platts, Brynn CurtisAbigail Gibbons and Polina Nevmovenko who edged out their teammates for the win.

Emilie Hetzer launched a blistering effort in the 1,000 freestyle for his third victory in the event this season. Proven Preble and Lilly Byrne followed Hetzer to ensure the Tigers claimed maximum points.

Hetzer, Byrne and Nevmovenko came back in the 500 free to take yet another sweep for the distance group.

Continuing his great day in Atlanta, Meghan Lee lead another sweep for Orange and Blue in the 200 freestyle. Payton Marvin and Nevmovenko finished second and third for head coach Ryan Wocho Murka.

Auburn, also known as the University of Backs, shows no signs of ending its dominance anytime soon. Ellie Waldrep, Kyla Maloney and Hannah Mattson stole the show in the 100 backstroke while Waldrep, Kensley Merrit and Daisy Platts swept the 200.

Anastasia Makarova won the 100 breaststroke for the third time this season. Brynn Curtis and Valerie Tarazi were not far behind. Curtis would bounce back to win the 200 breaststroke, with Tarazi and rookie Ainsley Jones hit the wall second and third.

The last time Casey Cullen first hit the wall was in the Tiger’s duel with LSU last October. Cullen picked up his third career win when the 200 butterfly came around. Junior Hannah Ownbey composed a third-place effort.

Emma Steckiel shown in the sprints on Saturday. While Mulvihill took second place in the 50m, Steckiel topped the field in the 100m freestyle to claim his first individual win of the season.

Mulvihill would bounce back for a win in the 100 butterfly though. Abby Gibbon also raced well, finishing third overall.

After a victory in the 200 IM on Wednesday, Hannah Ownbey wiped the slate clean for the week against Georgia Tech. Ownbey led the way while Meghan Lee came in with a solid second place.

To complete a dominating encounter, Nevmovenko, Mulvhill, Steckiel and Thamm picked up another victory in the 400 freestyle relay.


The men provided an equally impressive effort in the 400 medley relay. Aidan Stoffe, Reid Mikuta, Nate Stoffe and Kalle Makinen beat the field by more than a body length to start the competition.

Grant Davis led the charge in 1000, securing second place with Michael Bonson take fourth place. Later in the 500 it was Mikkel Gadgaard who hit the wall second and Mason Mathias secure third.

Gadgaard was also strong in the 200 freestyle where he finished third. However, it was Christian Sztolman who produced the Tiger’s best effort in the event, missing out on victory by just 0.13 seconds. Ryan Husband would round out Auburn’s point total with a fourth-place finish.

Saturday was At Nate Stoffle’s turn to shine in the 100 back. The Georgia native swimming at home fled his teammates Andrew Simmons and Kalle Makinen steal the crown. Simmons turned around in the 200 to swim faster Aidan Stoffe and Lleyton Smith as Orange and Blue swept both events.

Reid Mikuta swam in five collegiate events this season and now has five victories in the 100 breaststroke. The junior also won the 200m while Henry Bethel would go on to take third place in the 100 and 200. Jacques Rathle also slipped in a second-place effort in the 200.

The men’s 200m butterfly consisted solely of Mr. Mason Mathias, Seth Maschmeier and Evan McInerny It is. The trio swept the extended version of the event. Meanwhile, Aidan StoffeSohib Khalid and rusty jerger stole the show in the 100.

Mihalis Delyiannis won his first race as a Tiger on Wednesday against Texas A&M and suddenly the youngster can’t be stopped. The Roswell, Georgia product edged everyone in the 50 free pool for his second straight win.

Kalle Makinen was back to his usual laps in the 100, taking the win and Sztolcman took third place.

Simmons, Rathle and Maschmeier completed Saturday’s individual events with a final sweep in the 200 IM. For Simmons, his two wins throughout the day were the first for runner-up Johns Creek, Georgia.

Wochomurka’s men capped off a busy week of racing with a final win in the 400 freestyle relay. Law firm Sztolcman, Makinen, Husband and Stoffle did the work to secure the Tigers’ sixth double win of the season.

Walker Credon love diving in the Peach State. Virginia’s transfer has already earned a win at the UGA Tour Invitational. On Saturday, Creedon improved the effort with a personal best 406.88. Whit Andrus and Kebler Hunter would also complete strong performances on the platform, finishing third and fourth respectively.

Fueled by Creedon’s performance, Andrus reached his own career high at 3 meters. At 392.63, the Winston-Salem product not only earned a new personal best, but also its first win of the season.

Abigail Farrar led the charge for women on the tower, finishing second with a 246.83. Ashlyn Sullivan would hang fourth. Sullivan rebounded from the 3-yard with a 290.25 and a second-place finish with Farrar close behind in third.



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