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The wackiest tech at CES 2023: Car companions, scent showers and more


It’s easy to get lost in the excitement of THOSE: Dazzling Wireless TVs here, a real flying car the. It’s a lot to take in. But hidden in plain sight is a whole host of jaw-dropping, eccentric, or just plain weird gadgets. These bizarre products are among the delicious features of a show usually overflowing with new slim laptops and shiny cars.

We’ll continue to collect the particularly weird and sometimes unsettling tech products we see this week. If you’re curious, here’s our running list of must-have gadgets from CES 2023and here is a summary of The most futuristic gadgets at CES.

Withings’ toilet sensor can read your pee

A phone screen showing the Withings app next to the toilet sensor

Withings toilet sensor.


We thought a urinal target was about as good as it gets. Withings goes even further with sensors in the toilet which looks a bit like a urinal cake and calculates if you’re low on nutrients, for example, or if you’re about to ovulate. Called U-Scan, the sensor attaches to your toilet bowl and scans your urine each day you use it. A companion app gives health readings over time.

A robot pet with a personality

Dog-E from WowWee.

Bree Fowler/CBS

Companion robots are a fun idea, but they often suffer from a lack of personality. Every droid buddy comes with the same functions, the same range of personality traits you can choose from. Toy maker WowWee wants to change that with its Dog-E, an $80 electronic dog. It’s a robotic dog with a personality coded deep in its heart (CPU?), the one that reveals itself over time. Some dogs will always be hungry, while others might be more playful or shy, according to WowWee.

This camo car color syncs with the music

Volkswagen ID 7 prototype

A camouflaged VW?


Of course, we like what we saw inside the Volkswagen ID 7 concept vehicle on view this week at CES. But it’s what VW put on the outside that caught our eye: the car is clad in a QR code-themed digital camouflage that’s divided into 22 zones that can light up separately, transforming the whole externally into a music visualizer linked to the car’s audio system. .

LG’s answer to smelly feet

Woman putting her spectacles in an LG Styler shoe case

LG’s shoe care device in action.


If you are a sneaker enthusiast, here is your high-tech chance to take care of your shoes. Called LG’s ShoeCare Styler, you slip your sneakers into the locker-like device, and through the TrueSteam magic nozzles, 37 minutes later your shoes are deodorized. A Styler ShoeCase Companion allows you to show off your shoes once refreshed.

Celebrate in your kitchen

fridge and moodup app

Play with over 190,000 color combinations.


Here’s one more reason why you’ll always find me in the kitchen at parties: LG’s new MoodUp fridge has color-changing doors and a Bluetooth speaker to make the kitchen the center of the action. According to LG, you can customize the LED-backlit panels with 190,000 color combinations to match your dining mood.

Print your hair color

Over the past few years, you may have seen how you can get temporary tattoos printed, but at CES in January, you can take it a step further and get your hair printed with color. Prinker shows how.

The aromatherapy shower sprays you with scents

shower head

Kohler’s Sprig Shower Pod System infuses both essential oils and hyaluronic acid into your shower pod.


How lush is it? Among the new bath and shower products Kohler is introducing this week are an aromatherapy shower system the company has designed to bring spa scents into the shower. The aromatherapy system infuses the shower water with vitamins and fragrances – all you need to complete your spa treatment are the cucumbers.

Neutrogena Personalized Skincare Gummies

Neutrogena Edible Gummies

Neutrogena’s personalized skin nourishing gummies.

Bree Fowler/CBS

Neutrogena has been making soap and lotion for years, but now the skincare giant wants us to chew vitamin gums which the company says can customize to your skin’s particular needs. A 28-day pack of chewable nutrients will cost $50.

Kitchen chopping board with built-in screen

Blok cutting board with screen


No more covering your MacBook keyboard or iPhone screen with sticky dough when tapping out a recipe with flour-covered fingers. A $699 walnut cutting board from Blok showcases recipes and cooking lessons (with a $39 monthly subscription) on a 13-by-20-inch screen. The screen detaches for cleaning.

Stream your dinner live while it cooks

Samsung Custom Wall Oven

Broadcast your culinary successes live.


OKAY. I admit it: I watch way too much Twitch with its live streams of gamers and crafters and roosting chickens. that’s why Samsung Custom AI Wall Oven is so appealing. Now I have the ability to live stream my own baking with a built-in camera inside the oven.

Play with your car like it’s an old friend

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BMW i Vision DEE Concept launches massive rear windscreen,…


Volkswagen wasn’t the only automaker to bring a funky concept vehicle to CES. BMW i Vision Dee has 240 e-ink panels on the outside, allowing it to change colors in an instant. The most futuristic thing is that he wants to be both your car and your companion: he uses sophisticated AI to create his own personality, a la Herbie or Knight Rider’s Kitt. Although just a concept, BMW says some of the technology from the i Vision Dee will be incorporated into its new vehicles in 2025. Most likely does not include AI Companion.

For more from CES, here’s how to watch all the big announcements this week in Las Vegas, what to know about Samsung’s huge QLED monitors on display and all the robots we found.



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