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Shop refuses to install tires for struggling mother, so customer steps in


Kayli Metzler is always on the move. Between working full-time as an assistant manager at a local Dollarama and raising four kids, she’s constantly on the go.

So when winter hit her hometown of Sackville, Nova Scotia, she knew she had to invest in winter tires for her minivan.

Unable to buy new ones, the struggling mother turned to Facebook Marketplace in search of a bargain on some used ones. What she got was anything but.

What Happened When A Struggling Mom Bought Used Tires On Facebook Marketplace


Not knowing much about tires, she bought a pair of what she thought were good tires from a seller on Facebook. However, when she arrived at Star Tire in Sackville to have them installed, she received disappointing news: the tires were shot. They were so bad, in fact, that the store refused to install them, citing major security concerns. She started to panic. She needed those tires.

Kayli shared what happened next in a Facebook post on her personal page. And it turns out that when people say angels walk among us, they’re not wrong. A customer named Adrian happened to be in the shop that day, waiting for work to be completed on his own vehicle. When he heard the employee breaking the devastating news to Kayli, he jumped at the chance to help.

“I think he saw the van, saw the car seats and knew I had kids, knew I was driving in Pictou and just couldn’t let me go like that,” Kayli told Global News.

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He immediately offered to pay for two new rear tires. Kayli was shocked.

“So as one of the employees explains all this to me, a complete stranger steps in and immediately offers to pay for two new rear tires,” Kayli wrote on Facebook. “Refuses to take no for an answer between my sobs and thanks tells me to sit down and relax. His name was Adrian and he’s an absolute angel.

Adrian and Kayli spent half an hour sitting together and chatting. “He gave me great advice on the van and made sure I knew how to come back to get my lug nuts tightened,” Kayli shared.

But the random acts of kindness didn’t stop there.

How one random act of kindness snowballed into another


When the General Manager, Murad Abdel Ghani, told his father (shop owner) about Kayli’s situation and Adrian’s good deed, it didn’t take long for them to get on it.

They also decided to replace the front tires. Free.

Kayli had barely recovered from the shock of Adrian’s generosity when Murad broke the news.

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“I walk in and say ‘Listen, Merry Christmas, I know you just stopped crying and I hope you’re not crying anymore,'” Murad told reporters. “But we will give you two more tyres. You really need it and that way you have four new tires, 20 lug nuts, at no cost to you, and you keep the other two that came loose for the summer.

Merry Christmas, really.

Kayli was blown away. She had never been to Star Tires before, but now she considers them family.

“People who work here are saints and treated me with so much love, I hope good karmas will come to them this holiday season,” she said. She also hopes that one day she can pay it forward.

Kindness is contagious

Within hours, Kayli was back on the road, with four new tires and an even more precious gift: the assurance that she and her children were safe. All thanks to the overwhelming friendliness of strangers.

Not only did a stranger’s generosity help a struggling mother in need, but it also acted as a catalyst for something even greater. Just witnessing Aiden’s act of kindness was enough to inspire the store owner to do something generous.

“It shows how contagious kindness really is and the more you spread it out into the world, the more it happens around you. It was just a small act of kindness that turned into something huge,” Kayli said.

It only takes one spark to light up the world.


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