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Ohio RV Supershow kicks off a 5-day race in Cleveland today


CLEVELAND, Ohio – The Ohio RV Supershow has more than hundreds of vehicles on display. It offers a chance to dream – not only to travel and get away from it all, but also to warmer days.

“We are in the winter doldrums. It’s great to think about summer and camping and doing things with your family,” said Amy Girton, executive director of the Great Lakes Recreational Vehicle Association, of the show, which runs Sunday 4 to January 8 at the International Exhibition Center.

In fact, the current forecast doesn’t look too frigid, with temperatures expected to hover around and above freezing, so it probably won’t be too difficult to get to the cavernous convention center to check out the latest RVs, accessories and sellers.

This is the first indoor VR show at IX Center since 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Pandemic-imposed stay-at-home restrictions have fueled interest and sales in recreational vehicles as a safe way to get out. And sales remain strong, Girton said.

“I think it’s been stable,” she said. “We had a big spike during Covid. And now things are super popular. It’s not just the Covid factor; When you get in your motorhome, you can travel wherever you want.

In addition to the feeling of freedom, people appreciate being able to bring their own household items, bedding, food and other comfort items.

The key to navigating the show: Enter through the east side of the center. It opens to the Grand Ballroom with all the vendors – campsites, props, entertainment and more. This flows into the South Concourse, which has hundreds of RVs. The north side has more vehicles. Getting around from one area to another is easy, Girton said.

“Take a look at all the vendors because then you can go back and say, ‘Oh, I want to check out X, Y, and Z’ or ‘I want to buy this accessory and take it to my car on the way “.out,” she said.

“What’s great about this show is that there’s literally something for everyone,” from those with a slight interest to those ready to jump behind the wheel and hit the road.

“There are pop-ups, there are smaller trailers, there are travel trailers, there are motorhomes. You can look at hundreds of motorhomes under one roof and ask yourself, “What’s right for me?” What is good for my family? “

Two key entertainment and education seminars are being held: the duo behind the Ultimate Outdoor Cooking Show will mix comedy and cooking with daily sessions on low-budget campfire meals and more. And Jeff and Patti Kinzbach, the couple behind the “Rocking the RV Life” podcast, will offer stories and tips for those traveling full time. They have a 10-minute video that will encompass the many places they’ve been and what they’ve done, Girton said.

The Kinzbachs — Jeff had a 50-year career as a morning radio personality — are retired and podcast their travel experiences weekly.

But the best opportunity the show will provide is a chance to answer any questions attendees might have, Girton said. What works for a family of four? What is the best way to tow if you have an SUV? How smart tech are motorhomes?

“You have nine different dealerships here and there are hundreds of RVs under one roof. There are no stupid questions,” she said.

Ultimately, “It’s about being with your family and experiencing America or wherever you want to go in the great outdoors,” Girton said.

About the show

Hours: Noon to 9 p.m. Jan. 4-6; 10am-9pm Jan 7; 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on January 8.

Tickets: Tickets online in advance, $16; onsite/online event day, $18; children 12 and under, free. Discounts are available. Seniors 60+, military, and first responders can save $2 Wednesday through Friday at the IX counter only.

Location: 1 IX Center Dr., Cleveland.

Information: Go online for specific show times.

Podcast “Switching life to VR”: The Kinzbachs make a living out of their RV and have been traveling North America since 2020. They share stories from the road via their “Rocking the RV Life” podcast, available through Spotify, Apple Podcasts and many other platforms. The podcast is presented in partnership with and The Plain Dealer. You can follow the Kinzbachs at The couple are scheduled to be at the show from January 6-8.

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