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Knoxville Marble City Market food hall loses Penne, Myrtle's Bakehouse


Reshuffles of vendors in Knoxville’s first food hall continue, as original vendors leave and new ones arrive.

Only three of the original Marble City Market vendors remain, with Penne For Your Thoughts, a Knoxville staple, quietly leaving the food hall over the weekend and with two others now gone.

Myrtle’s Bakehouse and The Donut Theory, whose shared owner recently informed Knox News of plans to remove the two from the food hall, have been asked to leave “immediately,” according to a Jan. 1 letter from company management. food hall to booth owner Dustin Cochran.

Both stands were to operate temporarily until February 18.

The letter was shared on Myrtle’s social media and was paired with a post claiming the food hall is not allowing the bakery to cook its leftover product.

“This will go in the trash,” read Myrtle’s post, though some commenters tried to buy dough to bake at home.

Knox News contacted the food hall about the departures, but the property through a spokesperson declined to comment.

As for Penne, owner Geoffrey Bernstein told Knox News his Dec. 31 departure had more to do with logistics, the brand’s recent growth and labor shortages in the restaurant industry.



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