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ITOps in 2022: Top 10 stories from ITPro today


Even in a year that has seen huge tech giant layoffs and economic uncertainties in general, there were many opportunities for IT professionals to not only grow in their current position, but also to progress within their organization or move to other organizations.

Many of our 2022 Top 10 IT Operations and Management articles have provided ITOps engineers with tools and guidance to advance their careers.

1. How important is an ITIL certification in 2022?

It is not surprising that ITPro today The 2022 ITOps #1 story questioned the importance of ITIL certification. IT professionals want to know – in the age of DevOps – if ITIL certification is still as necessary as it once was. In this explainer, tech expert Chris Tozzi digs into that question.

2. How to Get the Latest Google Snake Mods on GitHub

While a recent Gallup poll revealed that the quiet quitters make up half of today’s American workforce, IT professionals still know Burnout due to long hours and demanding work. And some surpass themselves by joining the “overworkedOne way to unzip without leaving your computer is to play Google Snake. Here’s how to use GitHub Snake mods to improve Snake’s look and gameplay.

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3. The sysadmin role isn’t dying, but it’s under threat

System administrators are still relevant, but they are less important than they were before the cloud era and the rise of DevOps and SREs. And it shows in their salary (see chart below). But Chris Tozzi offers good news for sysadmins looking for higher-paying jobs.

4. IT jobs salary survey yields surprises and action items

Speaking of salaries for IT professionals, ITPro today conducted a survey of IT professionals, focusing on compensation, training and job satisfaction. An important point to remember: companies must rework their priorities with their employees in mind. See what else the investigation found.

Click here to download ITPro Today’s 2022 Salary Survey Report

5. Why IT innovation is slowing down

Here are a number of interesting trends – such as AI, blockchain and the metaverse – that some are hailing as the next big thing in computing, but none will be truly revolutionary, at least not for IT practitioners, argues Chris Tozi. Here’s why he thinks that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

6. Top 10 industries profiting from the metaverse

While the Metaverse may not be the next big thing in computing, it’s becoming increasingly clear that it’s going to impact businesses of all types in one way or another – and IT professionals will play a critical role in its adoption. In this slideshow, we look at 10 uses of technology in business.

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7. 8 Linux Tools IT Ops Engineers Should Master

There is a basic Linux toolset that every IT operations engineer should know. Some are proven and some are newer, but ITOps engineers should have these eight Linux tools in their tool belt.

8. Loss of organizational knowledge due to staff turnover worries IT managers

Costs attributed to employee turnover have averaged $57,150, according to a recent Harris Poll. But the financial loss often overshadows the loss of company knowledge when employees leave a company. Here are tips on how IT managers can prevent knowledge loss.

9. What is GitHub and what is it for?

With 83 million active users, GitHub might be the most important platform for software developers – and, no, not just for improving the Google Snake gaming experience (see #2 on this list). If you’re new to software development or are a former professional, this guide has something for you: it explains how GitHub works, its key features and benefits, and additional resources to continue your learning.

ten. 5 Essential IT Management Skills That Go Beyond Technical Expertise

If you’re an IT engineer looking to move up the ladder, your next step may be IT manager. But having technical skills will not be enough to make this leap. This explainer looks at five ancillary IT management skills you’ll need to master.

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