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Historic store connects people through food


Katie Chaney, owner of the Hester General Store in northern Greenville County SC

Katie Chaney went from Anderson to Governor’s School for the Arts…to Wofford College…then to Germany…Austin, Texas…and Portland, Oregon…before returning to upstate…where she recently opened her pastry shop and his grocery store, Hester General Store in Dacusville.

His journey was not mere geography. As a child, Chaney says she felt she would never fit in. But she eventually found a love of cooking, success as a human resources recruiter, marriage, a baby, and now a business—dreams fulfilled.

“The more I pushed myself, the more I realized I belonged,” she says.

“At the Governor’s school, I was among the creatives. Then I went to Wofford, and I met professors who had so many brilliant ideas. They traveled the world and they took me on these trips.

Learn more about the Hester General StoreThe grocery store will bring together fresh baked goods, prepared foods and the community

Hester General Store

Chaney, who majored in art history and German, chose to live abroad after college – in a small town in Germany’s Black Forest region. Her two-year adventure was clouded by loneliness in this remote place.

But she cultivated a love of cooking to fuel her creativity and need for meals on a budget.

“It was very difficult,” says Chaney. “One of the things that held me back was the food because I had to cook myself. I was a poor post-grad.



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