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Here are 10 unique Disney products I want to see released


Photo by Mike Petrucci on Unsplash

Have you ever seen the New Disney merchandise and thought, I haven’t seen this before? This is happening more and more often as the Disney Products team seems to think they’re tricking us into adding a slightly different shade to a set of Minnie Mouse ears and releasing them as a limited edition. Some of you may have joined me for our weekly Monday merch meeting, where we review freshly released items that have hit the virtual shelves, and you may have noticed that my list of must-have items becomes smaller and smaller some weeks.

Yes, I believe in quality, not quantity, but I can’t bring myself to give time in the shopping scene to ranges like Numios, where each accessory costs the better part of the adult version. To combat this, I’ve put together a list of items I’d like to see Disney release, mostly inspired by my own Christmas shopping this year.

Shower steamers with Disney scents

We all know that the sensory experience of smelling the Disney Air is one of the most memorable parts of the park. Whether it’s the bakery smell of Main Street USA or the California oranges of the original Soarin’ Over California, there are scents we could never forget.

Now that Disney has parted ways with H20, it’s the perfect time to bring those scents to life in a new line of bathroom steam showers (like a bath bomb for your shower) that sparkle with a scent delicious when water splashes on it. I’d love to see them in singles, sets, and even freebies left in resort bathrooms for guests to try at launch. I would buy them all, and the best part for Disney is that you will continue to buy more of them as consumables.

Hand sanitizer

Some of you may have been fooled into thinking that hand sanitizer is a pandemic-related item, though many of us seasoned travelers have relied on it for decades. Before COVID was in the picture, it was all too easy to pick up germs and bugs on an airplane or any public transportation system. Sanitizer for your hands and surfaces is an absolute must. If you’ve ever seen Lisa Rinna wipe down every surface in her hotel room, that’s basically me, especially during the colder months when those germs can linger longer in colder temperatures.

Since Disney is a tourist destination, they could take advantage of that endless revenue by putting more effort into a line of personal sanitizers. Not just the boring minis you can pick up at the counter, but an array of products in a little spray bottle that smells like churros, pretzels or Dole Whip! Singles or sets where each member of the family has their own, I’ll be there.

Photo by Bert Ferranco on UnsplashPhoto by Ulysse Pointcheval on Unsplash

Disney x Jelly Belly Flavors

I know this one is over the top, but since the Disney100 merch sees a lot of big brand crossovers, I think now is my chance to let the universe know my wish. Would love to see classic Disney flavors turned into a Jelly Belly x collab special! Picture this, Mickey Premium Bar, Dole Whip, Churro, Epcot School Bread, Mickey Waffle, Woody’s Lunch Box Tarts, etc. You can see where I’m going with this one. Nostalgia-packed flavors, long shelf life, and the ability to purchase them at would allow you to restock your delicious treats at any time.

Cartographic posters

Weird to come. One item I would really like to see sold by Disney is vintage landscape poster-sized park maps in any iteration of any park. Did you have a crush on your first visit to the Magic Kingdom in 1983? No worries, you can now get the poster version of that specific card as a keepsake. These would be super cheap, maybe even printed to order once selected, and let’s face it, everyone loves a map.

My office wall could do with some smaller side by side showing the growth of Disneyland in, say, decade increments from opening until now. It can be a new collectible to which you can add the new one every time it changes.

Paper items and calendars

Some of the items that I constantly use in my daily life are paper items. I live for my family calendar, which has a box for each person each day, and my diary, where I write all my notes and work details; these are an integral part of my organization’s routine. I also use countless notepads and notebooks where I do all my travel planning for all of our vacations.

Office supplies, in general, are high on my must-have list, and how much better would they be if they had a Disney theme? I don’t know why we don’t see more of these Disney items, but they are missing a huge market that I personally would contribute heavily to.

Replica Miniature Attractions

This one is purely a collector’s item. I would lose my mind if Disney started making a limited line of miniature attraction statues. Maybe 7 or 8 inches tall, which looks like the outside of the attraction. Maybe they could have a little sidewalk along the front that lines up when you place them next to each other like a little street. Or even a luminous element?

I love the recent Funko Pop! They did the Tower of Terror attraction and couldn’t help but think how cool a more detailed series would be. The Haunted Mansion and Splash Mountain, I would want them all and line them up at the top of my shelves. Imagine Disney attractions meet Polly Pocket houses from 1992!

Disney Scented Hand Soaps

One item that I spend a lot of money on in my house is a quality scented hand soap. I find it’s a great way to add a refreshing feeling to your restroom experience while providing a lovely scent to every individual’s hands that can linger and make you smell great. As a bonus, when my kids were younger, it helped me identify when they had washed their hands, as instructed.

I’m a big fan of the Bath and Body Works collection; I am not joking; I own a cabinet that’s just right for my seasons range, hand soaps, candles and room sprays, changing everything in each bathroom throughout the year. If Disney were to take on this product line, I would indeed spend decent money on a regular basis.

12-Month Limited Edition Collection: Disney Refresh Box

Disney loves 12-Month Collectible Series, though most of you know what I thought of the last one, Mickey Mouse: The Main Attraction. In my new position as imaginary president of new products that do not exist, AgainI’d like to implement a few of the ideas above into one and create a monthly refresher box, a different scent each month that ties into the season, including foaming hand soap, shower sprays, a room spray and a candle.

To make the process easier, it could be a subscription service that ensures everyone who signs up gets one each month, without staying up at night fighting for one before going to eBay for double price. You can participate at any time and commit for the rest of the year, and any leftovers can be released as single boxes.

That’s my list of the top ten merchandise I’d like to see Disney start on. What items would you like to see make their way into your Disney merchandise collection?

Zoë Wood is a travel writer from Sydney, Australia. Since her first visit to Disneyland at the age of 6, she has spent her years frequently visiting Disney parks and traveling around the world.

Join Zoë as she lets you in on all the tips, tricks, anecdotes and embarrassments that come from her family adventures.



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