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Governor's Trade Mission Opens Doors to Business Opportunities for Idaho Businesses


Boise, Idaho — Governor Brad Little returned last weekend from a nine-day trade mission to Taiwan and Singapore. The trip was his second official trade mission as 33 from Idahord Governor.

Taiwan is Idaho’s second largest export destination. In 2021, businesses there purchased more than $470 million worth of Idaho products. Singapore is Idaho’s fourth largest export market, accounting for over $217 million in exports.

“Our meetings with foreign companies and government officials have helped strengthen Idaho’s decades-old partnership and friendship with Taiwan and have opened the door to new trade and investment opportunities in both markets. to continue to build Idaho’s economic prosperity,” Governor Little said.

Quotes from trade mission participants:

“The INL appreciates Governor Little’s interest and dedication to Idaho industry and its potential overseas markets. It was an honor to be part of this trade mission and to learn of the worldwide interest in the technologies being developed at the Idaho National Laboratory. INL looks forward to engaging with partners in Asia in our efforts to develop low-carbon energy sources. – Marsha McDaniel, Idaho National Laboratory

“For the Idaho Potato Commission, the trade mission was a resounding success. Our customers have deeply appreciated the Valued Partner Awards and the interaction with the Governor and Department of Agriculture staff. The Governor went out of his way to meet with many of our current and potential clients. Governor Little and his staff have definitely added value to our sales presentations. New and emerging markets like these are critical to the long-term future of the Idaho potato industry and the success of our growers..” – Jamey Higham, Idaho Potato Commission

“It was a privilege to join Governor and First Lady Little in Taiwan and Singapore on behalf of Idaho wheat farmers. Missions like this help strengthen relationships with overseas buyers, secure market access and ensure continued exports for Idaho growers. It was a pleasure to have reciprocal visits with the Taiwan Flour Mills Association, Lin Hwa, Wilmar, Prima, Interflour, and other companies that came to Idaho with business teams. Having the Governor join us for some of our meetings has provided privileged access to our clients in Taiwan and Singapore. – Cory Kress, Idaho Wheat Commission

Exports are critically important to Idaho dairy farmers. Having the support of the Governor, his staff and his Cabinet to increase sales of dairy products around the world is a privilege for our industry..” – John Brubaker, Dairy West

“It was the honor of Koenig Vineyards and Distillery to be part of the Governor’s recent trade mission to Taiwan. The Ministries of Agriculture and Commerce do an incredible job of arranging these special international opportunities that small businesses like ours would not otherwise have access to or the resources to reach and develop new markets. With the help of the Governor and the two departments, Koenig has enjoyed more than 10 years of exporting products to Taiwan.Kristen Koenig

“I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of energy the State of Idaho and the Department of Commerce have put into helping Idaho businesses export. The companies they looked at as potential customers were spot on,”Paul Stanger, phytotherapy

“The trade mission was excellent in helping us establish contacts with serious and well-qualified potential customers. It was pretty awesome. We already receive many follow-up requests for samples and additional information about our products. We have developed fantastic opportunities for future sales potential in both markets. Karla Robinson, High Desert Milk

Taiwan Travel Highlights

  • Governor Little introduced new suppliers and strengthened relationships with existing partners such as Mayfull Foods, a major customer that imports millions of dollars annually in food and agricultural products from Idaho.
  • In a meeting with President Tsai Ing-wen, Governor Little encouraged the exchange of engineers to support Micron’s growth in Idaho and around the world, in addition to the strong business relationship involving agricultural products from Idaho. President Tsai also thanked the Idaho Legislative Assembly for passing resolutions in favor of Taiwan for three consecutive years.
  • Governor Little attended an Idaho foodie event promoting Idaho products to more than 45 chefs and hotels in Taichung.
  • The Taiwan Flour Mills Association hosted Governor Little and members of the Idaho delegation to discuss wheat exports. Taiwan receives 80% of its wheat from the United States.
  • New Product Development Lab/TechHelp has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Taiwan USA Industrial Cooperation Promotion Office, establishing a solid and reliable platform for industrial and supply chain cooperation for the development, marketing and manufacturing of innovative products.

Singapore Trip Highlights

  • Governor Little met with the Chief of the Singapore Air Force, Major General Khong, as well as senior leaders to strengthen relations with Mountain Home Air Base where Air Force pilots Singapore air are formed.
  • Governor Little and members of the delegation met with the CEO of Wilmar International to promote Idaho wheat to Southeast Asia’s largest flour miller with 39 flour mills and more than 1,000 manufacturing plants.
  • The governor promoted fresh Idaho potatoes at NTUC Fair Price, Singapore’s largest retailer.
  • At the Chemical, Energy, and Environmental Sustainability Institute, the Governor connected the organization with the Idaho National Laboratory and facilitated discussions regarding sustainability collaboration energy and environment.
  • In a meeting with Deputy Premier and Minister of Finance Lawrence Wong, the Governor encouraged continued and expanded partnerships with Idaho Agricultural Products. The Deputy Prime Minister thanked Governor Little and Mountain Home Air Force Base for hosting Singapore Air Force pilots who have been training in Idaho for more than a decade.

The following 20 companies and organizations have joined Governor Little, the Idaho Department of Commerce, and the Idaho State Department of Agriculture in Taiwan and Singapore:

  • Agri Beef Co.
  • Agropur
  • AMET, Inc.
  • Black sage technologies
  • Commercial creamery business
  • dairy west
  • Darigold
  • Glanbia Nutritionals
  • high desert milk
  • Idaho National Laboratory
  • Idaho Potato Commission
  • Idaho Wheat Board
  • Koenig Vineyards and Distillery
  • Micron Technology
  • New product development/technical support
  • herbal therapy
  • Reminder InfoLink, Inc.
  • Symms Fruit Ranch
  • University of Idaho College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
  • Fresh Wilcox

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