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Georgia vs TCU College Football Playoff National Championship Early Thoughts, Prediction


It’s Georgia vs. TCU for the College Football Playoff National Championship. The first reaction, the first thoughts and the first predictions

Georgia vs. TCU College Football Playoff Early Thoughts, Early Predictions

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5. TCU is really in the college football playoff national championship

The dust has settled, Georgia’s win over Ohio State was an incredible enough game to distract from TCU’s win over Michigan, so now we can speak freely here…

Michigan royally screwed this up.

Of course, TCU deserves credit for pulling it off. It makes the trip to Los Angeles and 129 other college football teams don’t. The offense tore through a Michigan defense that was among the best in the nation all year, the defense offered two picks of six, and — oh yeah — Michigan scored 39 points in the second half.

This all just ended a little while ago, and it’s all still fresh – I might change my mind and thoughts over the next few days – but no one is going to pick TCU to win this. I thought Michigan would scold if the Horned Frogs — and still do — and take the own goal after it didn’t happen.

I will eat it again if I am completely wrong.

TCU will do the “no one believes in us” thing. Yeah, right here. Hand raised.

4. Will the national interest be there without Michigan?

People will be watching because if the College Football Playoff National Championship…maybe. And it falls on both sides.

TCU just isn’t that big. It’s a great story, and the fanbase is rightly going crazy, but best believe the people at ESPN who care about the ratings are breaking something tasteful that Michigan didn’t.

Michigan vs. Ohio State would be better for the national interest, but Michigan vs. Georgia wouldn’t have been horrible — even if last year’s CFP semifinal encounter at the Orange was a blast.

Georgia just doesn’t have a star power outside of NFL draft football types, and that includes Stetson Bennett.

Unless there’s an unstoppable buzz after the semifinals, TCU vs. Georgia might struggle to resonate with the world pivoting to the NFL playoffs.

That being said …

Peach Bowl: Georgia – Ohio State 5 Thoughts
Fiesta Bowl: TCU – Michigan 5 Thoughts

3. Georgia’s talent level

This is where the obvious concern lies.

Michigan has a ton of talent on both sides of the ball, but that has nothing to do with what Georgia brings.

As my overused line says, there are 3.5 college football teams at the same level of elite NFL talent. Alabama, Ohio State, Georgia and the USC offense. TCU had everything make his way against Michigan – and he made his own breaks, of course – and he still took everything in the bag to get out alive.

Michigan is not Georgia in terms of talent. Almost no one is. TCU can be very brave, but those Bulldog lines should be able to take over, and…

Wait, that sounds familiar. It’s like I wrote that about Michigan or something. (Full disclosure: I was a disaster trying to choose for or against TCU this year.)

2. We’re not blessed with three amazing college football playoff games

That hasn’t happened in eight years of the college football playoffs. There’s only been one good semifinal undercard — Georgia vs. Oklahoma in the 2018 Rose — and there certainly haven’t been three good games in the tournament. Now we’re spoiled for victory for TCU and Georgia as this.

TCU has now shattered all molds and expectations, but three good playoff games? Unlikely, so if it skews one way, I’m going with it…

1. First College Football Playoff National Championship Prediction

Georgia 34, TCU 20

Don’t get into a twist on this just yet – I’ll adapt and adjust as I go – but I’ll run with the idea that TCU holds the Bulldogs back for a little while and then the issues come up at the front.

Yes, it was supposed to happen against Michigan, but this Georgia offensive line is going to go where the Big Ten team didn’t.

TCU will move the ball over Georgia’s suddenly shaky defense, but there will be plenty of bending but no breaking. It won’t be enough as Stetson Bennett and the offense ramp up early enough for the D to take over.

I see Oregon play Georgia. It comes out perfectly polished, scores easily on the first two discs and rolls from there.

Peach Bowl: Georgia – Ohio State 5 Thoughts
Fiesta Bowl: TCU – Michigan 5 Thoughts

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