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Fusion 2022 Guests Explore Extended Reality, Automation, and Connected Intelligence for Safety, Quality, and Regulatory Operations


IQVIA concluded the customer conference, Fusion 2022, in Clearwater Beach, Florida on October 28. Fusion guests had the opportunity to learn how ongoing trends in the life sciences industry are driving new and innovative strategies in Safety, Regulatory and Quality (SRQ) operations, as well as to interact with and explore the groundbreaking technologies IQVIA uses to meet the unique needs of safety, regulatory and quality professionals today.

Fusion 2022 enabled IQVIA to connect with customers and attendees through collaborative discussions on today’s challenges and address the impact of key trends on the life sciences industry of tomorrow . These collaborative discussions with customers validate IQVIA’s product development and enable customers to recognize IQVIA’s unified vision for the future of safety, regulatory and quality. Looking to the future, IQVIA events such as Fusion will enable IQVIA and its customers to meet next-generation safety, regulatory and quality needs.

Fusion 2022 Highlights

Fusion 2022 featured numerous overview sessions, presentations and demonstrations dealing with the application of technology solutions in the areas of safety, regulatory and quality. General sessions were led by IQVIA’s team of experts as well as guest speakers from IQVIA’s network of partners and customers.

Invited speakers

Guest speakers at the event discussed recent key challenges their organizations have faced and how IQVIA has helped them overcome these obstacles. IQVIA was proud to welcome on stage Susan Hensley, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs, Vaxxinity; Daniel Jacob, president of ProAQTive, LLC; Jim Kiely, Senior Director of Regulatory Operations, Candel Therapeutics; Austin Walsh, General Manager, Microsoft US Healthcare, Data & AI, Microsoft; and Debbie Williams, global quality system manager at Charles River Laboratories.

The area

With solutions across SRQ at Fusion 2022, The Zone was a hands-on interactive lab where Fusion attendees had the opportunity to explore, learn, troubleshoot, engage with experts, and discuss how new technologies can solve their unique problems. The zone featured interactive experiences allowing attendees to demonstrate new technologies and solutions, ranging from extended reality applications for life science safety, regulatory and quality operations to automated product labeling.

Breakout sessions

Over 30 breakout sessions were also made available to all Fusion attendees between general session presentations throughout the three-day event. The breakout sessions have been designed to cover the specific knowledge and detailed needs of organizations and professionals working in safety, regulatory and quality operations. Each breakout session covered a specific capability or use case for RIM Smart or SmartSolve, demonstrating best practices to IQVIA customers for applying those capabilities.

Fun in the Tampa sun

After each day’s presentations and breakout sessions, attendees had the chance to enjoy the local scenery and beautiful weather among like-minded professionals and stimulating dinner conversations.

Day one attendees were greeted with a reception on the Wyndham Grand’s pool deck, featuring an extensive cocktail menu as well as local beer and wine. Guests had the opportunity to introduce themselves to industry peers and discuss their goals for Fusion 2022.

On day two, IQVIA hosted the Fusion Networking Dinner at the bustling Marina Cantina, located on Tampa Bay and featuring Mexican-inspired seafood and drinks, where attendees deepened their connections with their peers. industry and the IQVIA team.

On the final night of Fusion 2022, guests were invited to spend the evening aboard the Starlight for a dinner cruise across the bay. The cruise included craft cocktails, a seated dinner, and a beautiful sunset over the Gulf of Florida. However, the highlight of the evening was the ship’s always packed dance floor.

Till next time

After a hiatus from face-to-face events, it was a great opportunity to see a diverse audience come together in person and discuss technology-enabled business transformation strategies at Fusion 2022. Through engaging live sessions, hands-on demonstrations and networking opportunities, Fusion 2022 provided an invaluable showcase of the proof points and benefits achieved through collaboration.

Thank you to everyone who participated in Fusion 2022! We appreciate your participation in Fusion and know that your contributions have allowed IQVIA to take another step forward in advancing health, together. Till next time!

For more information on Fusion, visit the Fusion event page. For additional questions or to inquire about future Fusion events, please contact




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