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Electric Bike Prices On Roller Coaster Again, ONYX Reduces As Another Increase


Prices in the e-bike industry spent years with relative stability until the many ripple effects of the pandemic wreaked havoc on the industry. Over the past few years, we’ve seen prices skyrocket, then come back down within a few months, only to repeat themselves. Many runners had hoped to see 2023 bring with it a return to normalcy in the industry. Based on the many recent price changes at many companies, that doesn’t seem to be the case.

It seems that while some manufacturers are lowering their prices, others are experiencing significant increases.

For example, ONYX Motorbikes just launched a special sale to kick off the new year, with slashed prices of up to $1,000 on some of the company’s most popular models.

Admittedly closer to lightweight e-motorcycle spec than true e-bike territory, the RCR electric moped boasts the biggest discount of the bunch. The street model went from $5,479.99 to $4,479.99. The more expensive dirt model went from $5,922.99 to $4,922.99.

The company is also slashing prices on its LZR series, which are the company’s true e-bikes that were just unveiled earlier this year. These get $600 price reductions, with the LZR Standard 500W dropping from $2,299 to $1,699 and the LZR Pro 900W dropping from $2,799 to $1,999.

ONYX has limited discounts to just 50 models of each style, so this price is unlikely to last long and unfortunately, it likely doesn’t represent a broader industry trend.

Other companies didn’t cut prices in 2023, but maintained some of their impressive Black Friday and holiday sales well into the New Year. San Diego-based Ride1Up offers several models of city, trail and cruiser e-bikes with sale prices close to or matching the company’s top holiday sales from 2022.

It’s another trend we noticed towards the end of last year that the often-too-good-to-be-true Black Friday deals from many e-bike companies extended well into the holidays and even into the new year in some cases, instead of being quickly reset to standard pricing, as we’ve seen in recent years.

ride1up cafe cruiser electric bike

On the other side of the price reversal are several e-bike companies that have already announced price increases.

North America’s largest e-bike company, Rad Power Bikes, has raised prices on several models.

The RadRover 6 Plus spent a long time at $1,999 before recently breaking the $2,000 to $2,099 mark. It’s still not Rad’s most expensive e-bike, as the new RadTrike won that title with its $2,499 MSRP.

The RadRunner Plus is now priced up to $1,999 and the recently released RadExpand 5 has a new price of $1,649.

Rad has raised hundreds of millions of dollars in venture funding over the past few years, and some believe the company may be feeling pressure from its investors to demonstrate healthier profit margins. The company has also invested significantly in new product development, with R&D spending likely also increasing.

SUPER73, another highly visible e-bike company, has also announced price increases for 2023.

Unlike Rad Power Bikes that operate on the more value-oriented end of the e-bike spectrum, SUPER73’s e-bikes offer higher power and punchier performance that has helped drive the price up.

The company does, however, have one of the most dedicated biker communities, fueled by a culture of customization and riding that has brought biker club vibes to the e-bike world.

The company announced that its SUPER-73RX Mojave e-bike will go up from $300 to $3,995. The SUPER73-R Brooklyn has increased its price by $200 to $3,695, while the mid-level SUPER73-S2 has increased by $300 to $3,295. Even the company’s more affordable SUPER73-ZX saw a jump from $200 to $2,395.

In addition to inflation and other factors responsible for the rise in e-bike prices over the past year or so, exorbitant shipping costs from Asia have played a major role in the price spike for e-bikes. electrical.

However, we’ve seen these ocean freight prices drop over the past few months, fueling hopes that e-bike prices will also take a breather.

Despite some small downward moves we’ve seen in the industry, the price drop hasn’t become a bigger trend. Most e-bike companies either held steady or slowly increased prices, even as shipping prices declined.

Of course, other factors such as the rise and fall of the exchange rate between the US dollar and the Chinese yuan have also played a role in the electric bike price roller coaster.

With only a week in 2023 and no stability in sight, don’t expect this to be the year prices return to normal for good.

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