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Dolly Parton "grabbed her pearls" when I wanted to dye my hair


Miley Cyrus spoke to TODAY’s Hoda Kotb about her association with Dolly Parton this year for NBC’s “Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party” on Dec. 31. Hoda, who co-hosts NBC’s “A Toast to 2022”! with Jenna Bush Hager at 8 p.m. ET, learned why Miley was considering dying her hair a different color for the event — but Parton objected.

“I’ve never seen Dolly really scared before,” Cyrus said of her godmother. “She acted like I told her the worst news you could imagine.”

Between giggles, Cyrus described how Parton “tightened his beads, gasped and cringed” upon hearing the news.

“And she’s like, ‘You can’t do that. You are me. So I’m sort of an extension of Dolly Parton, where it sounded like I just told her the worst news you’ve ever heard. Then I will be blond.

Cyrus, 30, said it was a lesson learned, but of course she’s learned so much from the “Jolene” singer over the years. She said the biggest lesson she’s learned so far is another style tip.

“The meaning of a great seamstress,” Cyrus laughed, “who knows how to suck it in all the right places” is the best thing Parton has passed on to her.

The “Midnight Sky” singer has been testing out outfits for the event and has yet to get the “Islands in the Stream” singer’s approval.

“I showed up to our promotional shoot in a dress that I thought was very Dolly Parton,” Cyrus explained. “I had everything you need to be very Dolly Parton, and big hair and full lip gloss. My lips were glued together, all that. And she said, “So, you know, how va-voom are we doing for New Year’s?” And I said, ‘Well, what do you think of this dress, on a scale of one to va-va-voom?’

“And she goes, ‘Well, I think you seem very conservative,'” Cyrus recalled.

The wardrobe will come, but really their relationship will be on display, Cyrus said.

“People are going to be touched by the show. There’s a chemistry, and a reality, and a love, and a connection that she and I have that I really feel,” she described, adding that Parton wanted her ‘Mountain Magic’ show on Peacock to be plugged in during the event and traded him a pair of shoes to get it.

Cyrus also said, “You can see our chemistry and I really don’t think there’s much to write about. There is not much to choreograph. Everything is fine there.

Among the artists scheduled for the evening are Grammy winner Sia, rapper Latto and hip-hop duo Rae Sremmurd.

Miley Cyrus, Dolly Parton at Miley's New Year's Eve Party, 2022.
Miley Cyrus and Dolly Parton at “Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party”.Vijat Mohindra / NBC

Cyrus rose to fame when “Hannah Montana” was at the height of the Disney Channel. She said it all started on a whim.

“I just had an idea that I wanted to go to a singing lesson,” she told Hoda. “And then I had another idea that maybe I wanted to go to an acting class. And then a friend of mine got an agent, so I asked my mum, ‘Oh, could I? ‘accompany to certain auditions?’ And it just happened.

Cyrus said that gaining such fame at a young age and still being hugely popular was unimaginable.

“When I really think about who I am and what I have, it makes me emotional to think about it, because just about three days ago I looked around and said, ‘I just did that “.”

She said a silver lining is that it all happened without her compromising who she is.

“Somehow I’m completely different, and then somehow I’m exactly the same. And everyone who knows me would say the same. If you watch a video of me at 6 or 7, that’s exactly who’s sitting here talking to you now,” she explained.

Her goal now, she says, is to keep having fun.

“Sometimes this obsession with perfection gets in the way of fun. And I guess that’s what I found…in my thirties. I mean, my 20s were so much fun…But it’s a another kind of fun. I feel like everything I had in my aim to prove, I did. And now it’s less about proving to others and more about myself.

Now that she’s older, Cyrus wants to prioritize tracking what she signs up for.

“One of the things I promised myself when I turned 30 was that I (was) going to take my commitments to others very seriously. And sometimes those commitments I don’t take seriously to myself. So now when I say something or commit, it’s like a contract for me,” she said.

Her first engagement of the new year will be hosting the NBC event with Parton.

“I’m very hopeful for 2023. I love new beginnings. Me and Dolly, she’s like, ‘You are you. I am me. And together we have the perfect show.'”



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