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Dog found outside Iowa airport after being abandoned by owner for adoption


Amid the chaos of flight delays and cancellations, a dog has apparently been abandoned at the Des Moines airport. However, she will soon be available for adoption.

A one-year-old female puppy was found tied up outside the Iowa airport on December 29 after her owner was unable to board her. Iowa Animal Rescue League (ARL) CEO Tom Colvin told that the rescue center received a call from airport staff that the dog, which they had named Allie, had been left behind after its owner “attempted to go through the process of stealing”. without the proper kennel.

Colvin says the individual attempted to board his flight with the dog and was turned away. The person later returned without the dog and took the flight.

“Allie” is already “loved” by the rescure staff.Iowa ARL

Allie had no direct identification when she was found, but officials had the person’s name and are investigating the incident.

The ARL tells on Jan. 3 that a warrant related to the case has been issued and Allie has been surrendered by her landlord. “Once Allie receives her spaying surgery, microchipping and any other necessary veterinary services, she will become available for adoption,” the ARL states.

Colvin, meanwhile, reckons ‘it wasn’t very long’ that Allie was left tied up outside and was lucky the weather ‘was much better than it was a few days before. …during sub-zero wind chills”.

Allie was taken to the ARL and remains with the rescue. Colvin says Allie is in good spirits despite the incident.

“(She is) very friendly and loved all the airport staff who came, brought her a blanket, stayed with her, loved her, gave her full attention until our security guards animal services come out and pick her up,” he said. “She is very kind.”

In Iowa, a person who commits animal abandonment is guilty of a misdemeanor, according to Iowa Code 717B.8. The severity of the punishment depends on the injury or damage caused to the animal. A convicted person could pay a fine of at least $105 to $8,540 depending on the type of offense, along with 30 days to 2 years in prison, according to Iowa law.

Colvin says this is probably the first time he’s dealt with someone abandoning a dog at the airport, “But unfortunately abandonment happens often and for a variety of reasons.”

“The conclusion on this is that a lot of people travel with their pets. And it’s great that they’re doing it, it just means they have to prepare,” he says. “They have to think ahead, find out what the requirements are, make sure they have the necessary paperwork for their pet, a rabies certificate, that sort of thing.”

“So traveling with their pet is definitely doable,” he adds. “If if you plan ahead.”

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Vicki Stevens, current director of program management and communications for the Department of Companion Animals at the Humane Society of the United States, previously told TODAY that the biggest travel issues occur when parents of pets do not have complete information in advance about air travel.

“If you’re flying, know the airline’s regulations because every carrier is different,” she said. “Don’t wait until the last minute and show up with your pet in a carrier expecting to board the plane.”

Stevens shared a number of tips for air travel with pets, including choosing a nonstop flight and checking your carrier’s web pages dedicated to traveling with pets, such as United’s. , Delta, American Airlines, Southwest and Alaska Airlines. She also noted that owners will need to adhere to vaccination and other medical specifications, as well as ventilated pet transport requirements.

As for Allie’s future, Colvin says she’s “in a big house. No doubt about it.

“We do a high level of adoptions at the Animal Rescue League and with that attention she’s going to really, really have a good (home). She’s going to have a list of people who want to adopt her,” he says.



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