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Creative intelligence and its role in online advertising [Podcast]


You may have heard of artificial intelligence, but what about creative intelligence?

VidMob CEO Alex Collmer joined me on SEJ Show to talk about creative intelligence and its role in helping marketers, especially in today’s market conditions.

Learn how creative intelligence optimizations and data transparency can help you make the right decision when executing your creative campaigns.

Find out how this integrates with ongoing privacy updates and campaigns across various ad networks, mobile devices, and social media apps.

One of the things creative intelligence can do is help people realize how original and unique that creation is compared to the myriad of things on the market today. It’s a tool to help people monitor culture to understand how trends are progressing and when the moment has passed. –Alex Collmer, 15:34

Before, it was about getting the click to go to the site. Now everything is so connected. It must be difficult enough for a creative team to fill in all the blanks and then use that data to modify, update, or make those adaptations to the creative itself. –Loren Baker, 3:54

This is not an A/B test. You know it’s kind of like what we did yesterday. It’s a whole new world that opens for the first time visibility on the why of creativity. –Alex Collmer, 07:20

[00:00] – About Alex.

[08:03] – How creative intelligence relates to AI.

[10:53] – How quickly a campaign gets creative feedback.

[13:40] – Where originality comes into play.

[17:55] – How important is Creative Intelligence to data privacy?

[19:46] – Can Creative Intelligence report on demographic data?

[21:16] – Can you optimize for different age groups simultaneously?

[22:57] – Can data from portable devices be synchronized with traditional advertising?

[25:20] – Alex’s point of view on augmented reality and Snap.

[31:37] – Insights into rich media style advertising on Amazon.

Resources cited:

VidMob –

We have developed technology to allow users to ingest any creations they might run on an account on Meta, YouTube, TikTok or Amazon. We process these billions of creative attribute signals and extract all performance information from these platforms. Likes, clicks, views, engagement metrics, and purchases are included. –Alex Collmer, 06:22

Smart Creation provides users with data they can react to in real time on a software platform that allows them to be very agile in their creations. They can optimize the market and dramatically improve the results of their campaigns.–Alex Collmer, 10:35 a.m.

As the media side loses its effectiveness, the creative side has to take on more of the responsibility. –Alex Collmer, 7:14 p.m.

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Connect with Alex Collmer

Alex Collmer founded VidMob, the premier video creation platform that empowers anyone to maximize their video presence and drive brand impact. He is an engineer specializing in technology, design and entertainment. Alex’s multifaceted expertise allowed him to co-found Autumn Games, a renowned video game publisher, before founding VidMob.

Alex is a versatile man with many passions and talents! He’s an enthusiastic husband, youth sports coach, ultra runner, and technology and digital media entrepreneur. Equally impressive are his specialties in intellectual property financing (film, video games and music), investment/fund management and media private equity – Alex knows how to get the most out of life!

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