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Business Pulse - New Year, New Beginnings


With the holidays behind us, the weather is back to normal. Although I love the Christmas and New Year festivities, it’s nice to no longer be confused about the day of the week. As the new year is well underway, let’s take a look at some existing businesses that are getting a fresh start.

Volunteer Bearing has new owners

Nestled in the shadow of the Morrison Industrial Park water tower, Volunteer Bearing & Supply has been in business since 1998. A family-owned business, Volunteer Bearing was started by Max Slatton and is located at 1055 Mt. View Industrial Dr.

The company sells power transmission equipment nationwide. Its customer base includes nursery equipment manufacturers, automotive manufacturers, aircraft ground equipment manufacturers, as well as the wood and agricultural industries. “We sell to Calsonic and Bridgestone and a lot of factories here and we also sell to a lot of out-of-state businesses. I would say it’s about 50-50 as far as local customers versus out-of-state customers. the state. We started locally, but it’s really expanded,” Max said.

The new year brings changes to Volunteer Bearing as Max begins the retirement process and has sold the business to Scott and Tera Elkins, his son-in-law and daughter. With Scott and Tera’s son, Rylan, handling the warehouse, shipping and delivery, it’s a real family affair. They are assisted by Tim McPeak who handles inside sales. Scott and Tera took over on January 1 and the company is now called Volunteer Bearing LLC. Scott has been with the company for 23 years, handling internal purchasing and sales, while Tera has been with the company for over 14 years in accounting and bookkeeping.

Volunteer Bearing LLC has the largest inventory of off-the-shelf bearings in the Middle Tennessee area and offers a variety of service items. “We believe in having inventory ready and available when needed,” Scott said. “Whether you’re building new equipment or just need a replacement bearing for your agricultural or industrial equipment, we’ve got you covered. We’ve grown rapidly in recent years through our internet presence and our customer base continues to grow rapidly.”

As spring approaches, Scott and Tera want to remind everyone that Volunteer Bearing LLC is open to the public and is the place to go for all your bearing needs for hay balers, discs and planters. Among the many items offered by the company are chain, sprockets, oil seals, V-belts and pulleys, bushings and electric motors.

As a small family business, Volunteer Bearing LLC values ​​its customers and welcomes everyone to come visit and experience the variety of products available. They can also be found at or on Facebook at Volunteer Bearing LLC.

The company is open Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. with a closing for lunch from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. For more information, they can be contacted by email at or (931) 815-8391.

Sam is in a new house

On October 16, I told you about Sam Hunsberger’s impending move from his Sam’s Deli & Sweet Box Bakery. The restaurant has become quite popular at Three Star Mall since it opened on March 19, 2022. After a lot of hard work on the building last occupied by Auntie Mattie’s at 488 N. Chancery St., Sam is now ready to light the sign open. at its new location.

One of the exciting features of the new location is a drive-thru that opens Monday. Curbside service is also currently available. Sam’s will open on January 14 with a grand ribbon opening.

Specializing in Northeast-style cuisine brought to the South, you can expect to find the same menu of hoagies, cheesecakes, turkey clubs and more that Sam’s offered at the mall while moving with it to N. Chancery St., where menu expandability is improved.

Sam is excited about the new location and the flexibility for growth it provides. “Our space here is over 1,500 square feet. The space at the mall is just over 900 square feet. We now have a much bigger kitchen, so hopefully I can do more things than I am. able to do. Our kitchen there was the size of a food truck, so it was tough,” Sam said.

Stepping in with Sam is the same cast of friendly faces that shoppers are used to seeing at the mall. And Sam’s clientele are obviously eager to greet the staff in the new building. Even as I was conducting this interview at a convenience store that was still under construction that wasn’t quite open yet, Sam received numerous phone calls and even saw customers come upstairs to see if it was still open. These impatient people don’t have to wait any longer.

Sam has traveled extensively thanks, in part, to her father and many other family members who serve in the military, and she seeks to bring some of the influences she picked up on her deli travels.

“My dad was in the military, my brother was in the military and toured Iraq and Afghanistan; my whole family is military. I have a cousin now stationed in Virginia Beach. I love my customers veterans and I understand that lifestyle,” Sam said.

In addition to the drive-thru, the location offers other perks. “We can have outdoor seating here, so we’re very excited for that in the spring and summer. I would love to have French style seating like I’ve seen in many places I’ve been” , said Sam.

Sam is an experienced cabinetmaker, so she did much of the remodeling and painting herself. “We’re completely out of the mall now. I just need to remove the sign. It was quite an old building and I had a lot going on that’s why we didn’t open until then,” Sam said.

Sam’s Deli & Sweet Box Bakery is at 488 N. Chancery St. and, starting Monday at 11 a.m., the drive-thru and curbside are open. The complete charcuterie will open its doors on January 14.

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