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Artificial intelligence replaces natural intelligence | arts and entertainment


Advances in artificial intelligence never cease to amaze those who follow it. Sometimes accomplishments come so quickly that those watching are not only impressed, but also…well, a little scared. I remember watching “Jeopardy” the night an IBM computer named Watson was pitted against Ken Jennings, the man who still holds winning records on the show. It was not a contest; the computer easily won the intellectual recall game. We know that some people are amazing in their ability to scan their brains for things they’ve read, seen, or experienced and bring back memory in microseconds, but to see a machine that can scan all the material ever produced even faster seemed unreal.

Several years ago, my sister made me watch as she showed off the Roomba she received as a Christmas present. It exited its dock, vacuumed the floor, and returned to its dock to be recharged. It was cute, but I wasn’t impressed. A few weeks later, I watched a programmed snowblower clear a foot of snow from a driveway, then return to the garage and plug in. I thought, “Now, we’re getting somewhere.

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Chuck Avery is a retired teacher who grew up in the Bucktown neighborhood of Connersville.




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