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Are Amy Robach and TJ Holmes on "GMA3" today, January 4th?


The plot thickens with our favorite dethroned hello america anchors, Amy Robach and TJ Holmes, and their returns are nowhere in sight.

The two are regular hosts for the lunchtime program GMA3: what you need to knowalongside Dr. Jennifer Ashton, and have not aired for about a month since the revelation of their affair, which made headlines in November.

Since the scandal broke, Robach and Holmes have not kept a low profile. In addition to the Daily Mail posting photos of them boating in a New York bar and an upstate New York cabin as part of the initial reveal, they were also spotted spend the holidays together in Atlanta and Miami.

Today Holmes’ wife of nearly 13 years, Marilee Fiebig, addressed the matter in a statement from her legal representation obtained by The daily mail.

On Fiebig’s behalf, divorce attorney Stephanie Lehman said, “During the holiday season and in light of difficult times, Marilee’s sole focus has remained the greater good of her 9-year-old daughter.”

The statement continued, “To that end, TJ’s attorney and I have worked together to advance their divorce privately, quickly, and as amicably as possible.” Lehman went on to say that she was “disappointed by TJ’s lack of discretion, respect and sensitivity” towards his ex-wife and their daughter. Last week, it was reported that Holmes had formally filed for divorce from Fiebig, who works as an immigration attorney.

That’s a lot, right? But does it make sense that both hosts stay off the air? Unfortunately, that’s not for us to decide. When we last heard from ABC, they are conducting an internal review of Robach and Holmes’ relationship with reports that the two anchors are not in direct communication with the network, opting instead to use their legal teams.

In the meantime, the network has scoured replacement hosts, starting with Gio Benitez and Stephanie Ramos, and continuing with DeMarco Morgan, Rhiannon Ally, Janai Norman and a short stint from Dr. Darien Sutton.

Yesterday (January 3), Ashton returned from her long vacation and shared the news desk with Morgan and Ally. But what about today? Will Robach and Holmes be back? I wonder who’s on the air CMG3 today? Keep reading to find out.

Are Amy Robach and TJ Holmes on CMG3 Today?

We are devastated to report that Amy Robach and TJ Holmes are absent from today’s broadcast of GMA3: what you need to know.

Calendar Amy Robach and TJ Holmes
Photo: Getty Images; Photo illustration: Dillen Phelps

Are the names of Amy Robach and TJ Holmes still included in the ad?

Despite starting the new year without Amy Robach and TJ Holmes on GMA3: what you need to know, their names are still included in the opening sequence of the talk show. Before each broadcast, the tagline “Now from Times Square, Amy Robach and TJ Holmes with Dr. Jennifer Ashton and What You Need to Know” is read aloud by a narrator.

We suspect their names won’t be removed from the intro until ABC announces a concrete plan for future shows.

Who replaces Amy Robach and TJ Holmes today?

Today’s broadcast of GMA3: what you need to know sees DeMarco Morgan and Rhiannon Ally replace Amy Robach and TJ Holmes, alongside Dr Jennifer Ashton. If the trend continues, we can expect to see these three for the rest of the week.

Where are Amy Robach and TJ Holmes?

There has been no discussion of Amy Robach and TJ Holmes returning to GMA3: what you need to know. After the first day they were taken off the air and replacement host Stephanie Ramos said they “had the day off”, there were no further on-air comments about their absence. Going forward, replacement hosts said they were “replacing” regular hosts. ABC also remained silent on the progress and findings of its internal review.

Every day is a gamble when it comes to this show! See you tomorrow for daily updates on who’s who in these confusing times.

GMA3: what you need to know airs weekdays at 1 p.m. ET on ABC.




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