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2 best trades to make before the 2023 NBA trade deadline


There’s no doubt that the Los Angeles Clippers are one of the best teams in the Western Conference, but the results so far this season haven’t exactly added up. They’re not in a horrible situation considering they’re 21-18, which is good for sixth place in the Western Conference, but considering all the talent the Clippers have, you can’t help it. to think that they are not. meet expectations this season.

In a way, that makes sense, as Los Angeles dealt with multiple injuries to start the season. Kawhi Leonard is still recovering to full health after a torn ACL, Paul George suffered another hamstring injury and a few other key players have been in and out of training on several occasions, highlighting just how bad this team just can’t stay healthy. at present.

When fully healthy, the Clippers should be in good shape, but whether or not that will happen remains to be seen. An easy way to improve the team in case this doesn’t happen is to make a few deals in the Trade Market before the deadline ends. So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at two of the best trades the Clippers could make to solidify their rotation in the second half of the season.

2. The Clippers will trade Robert Covington for Coby White

One area the Clippers could definitely use some help with is their point guard depth. John Wall and Reggie Jackson are a top duo, and while Paul George can play as a backcourt shooter, there’s not much behind these guys when it comes to guys who can lead the offense. Luke Kennard and Terance Mann have been solid shooting guard options, but they can’t really play point guard.

Going out and picking another point guard would be a really good idea, which is why trading for Coby White on the Chicago Bulls makes a lot of sense. White has never really been successful with the Bulls, and with his role reduced this season, it seems increasingly likely that he will be moved before the trade deadline.

White’s numbers this season aren’t exactly good (7.8 PPG, 2.3 RPG, 1.8 APG, 41.8 FG%), but it’s clear he doesn’t get much of an opportunity. have an impact on the Bulls right now. White is a solid bench scorer who can run the attack when needed, and while his current assist rate doesn’t show it, he’s a much better passer than he’s shown this season.

In exchange, the Clippers would send Robert Covington and a second-round pick to the Bulls to eliminate a somewhat congested wing rotation. Covington hasn’t been used much by the Clippers, but he has value elsewhere as a versatile front-line piece, and he could slot into Chicago’s rotation immediately. It’s not the biggest move ever, but White has a lot of potential, and is worth taking a flyer with the team needing another point guard to come off the bench.

1. Clippers to trade for Josh Richardson using Nic Batum-centric package

Improving wing rotation could be a big move for the Clippers, especially with Leonard and George continuing to deal with injuries. One such player who will likely be available on the trade market is Josh Richardson, who is currently biding his time with the rebuilding San Antonio Spurs.

Richardson is a strong two-way wing who has the potential to be an impact player for the Clippers, whether on the bench or in a starting capacity. Richardson had a decent season (10.3 PPG, 3 APG, 2.5 RPG, 41 FG%) for the Spurs, but he would likely benefit greatly from joining a playoff contender rather than being stuck on a team from the Spurs who won’t win. soon.

Beyond injury issues with Leonard and George, the Clippers could benefit from upgrading some of their current wingers, such as Nic Batum. Batum continues to see a smaller and smaller role with the Clippers, and it would make sense to try to throw him on the Spurs while they still can while throwing in a first-round pick to sweeten the deal.

The Clippers obviously don’t have a ton of future draft picks to work with here, but parting ways with one of those picks may be necessary to help this team achieve its Finals goals. It wouldn’t be glamorous, but adding their 2028 first-round pick (or the ability to trade picks) with some protections would keep the Clippers from getting burned in the future, while also ensuring they don’t pay not too much for Richardson. . It’s another under-the-radar move, but the addition of Richardson could be just what the Clippers need to make a run for it this season.




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