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Profit from Merch by Amazon [comprehensive guide 2022]

The Merch by Amazon platform is the best platform for buying ready-made clothes, and this platform has opened a great opportunity for everyone who wants to make money through this platform by uploading your own designs and getting a commission on every T-shirt you sell my friend, so today I present a guide Comprehensive profit from Merch by Amazon for the year 2022, and summarized my wonderful experience and how I was able to achieve more than 1000 dollars per month through this platform.

Profit from Merch by Amazon [comprehensive guide 2022]

Why is Merch by Amazon the best for anyone who wants to make money?

Amazon is one of the largest companies in the world and has great fame all over the world in addition to having millions of customers all over the world, which makes it a reliable company and a major commercial market to achieve profits. In this context, Amazon launched a new platform in 2015, which is Merch by Amazon, which is a huge global electronic platform that was launched in order to allow creators and designers to unleash their creativity and present and review their elegant and creative designs for T-shirts and This design is then sold to one of the largest electronic scientific marketplaces, the Amazon Market.

Simply, all you have to do is create a good design and Amazon will cost you to print it in a T-shirt and send it to the buyer, not only that, but Amazon will also bring visitors to you!

Sign up for Merch by Amazon

The registration method is very easy and simple and does not take a long time. All you have to do is enter the site through the Merch by Amazon link, then click on Create Your Amazon account, and you will fill in the fields with correct information, my friend, for example, your personal name, email and others, of course he will tell you to put the name of your company or something Like this, just put your full name and continue to fill in the data correctly, such as your phone number, your address, the city you live in, and other information that will be verified later.

Now my friend, you have to pay attention and focus well with me in order to be accepted as a first step. He will ask you about the type of work you are presenting. Of course, we offer designs for the two t-shirts. It is a drop-down list with a set of options. Choose the novelty t-shirt business, and then it will provide you with the additional information field, fill it with correct information. And honest in order to be accepted, of course, my friend, do not write, for example, I have ten years of experience or things like that.

#1 Tips for accepting your account

According to my experience in accepting this site, the secret lies in choosing your site. You, my friend, have to create your own site, which carries a number of exclusive designs. It is preferable that the template used should be a Portfolio template, and the used domain contains the personal user name so that Amazon makes sure that The site is yours according to my experience with Merch by Amazon.

It is also preferable that it not be new, that is, do not ask for the account once the site is created, but rather upload the designs and bring visits to it and archive it in the search engine to bring visits from Google.

It does not matter which blogging platform you use, the important thing is to focus on having a Portfolio template, and here I suggest you the best Blogger templates and the best WordPress templates that you can use.

#2 Merch by Amazon Acceptance Letter

The audit process is very complex and accurate, and the site can easily detect duplicate messages that the owners are not worthy of joining the platform, talk to my friend about your experience in design and other sites that you dealt with and that you aim to enrich the Merch by Amazon platform with more professional work, this It will increase your chances of being accepted.

This message is an example to help you my friend, do not copy it verbatim and modify it:

I am a graphic designer, designing visual concepts by hand or using computer software to communicate ideas that inspire, inform or engage consumers. It's been my business since 2013 and I've done many great things including merchandise designs. Merch by Amazon for me is very convenient for my goals especially when all I have to worry about is uploading designs, which I am good at.

#3 Explanation of registration in Merch by Amazon Register your information and tax information correctly

After registering correctly as we explained earlier, after registering and adding your information, location and bank account data to withdraw your profits, you will add the tax information correctly.

If you are a person living in America, just my experience with Merch by Amazon, then entering your tax data will bring you additional profits by making your taxes zero, but in the event that you do not have a tax certificate, which is the case with most Arab brothers, you will pay 30% of your profits in taxes every month.

First click on Tax Information Interview

You will determine these options since you are an Arab and not a company.

Then you will choose your country and your real address and indicate that you are not an American citizen.

Congratulations, you have successfully completed your tax file.

Follow this video, in which I shared a step-by-step registration method towards achieving great profits.

How to profit from merch by amazon

Registration is over. Now we will upload designs on the site. Of course, it is the most important step in profiting from Amazon from this field. The most important thing at the beginning is to make sure that your designs will be purchased. How is that? I will tell you first that you have to spend a certain period of time while you search inside the Amazon website and see the latest designs and things required in the market in general. You can adopt Google trends, Pinterest or Instgram to learn about the modern and best-selling designs, and you can also search within the Amazon website, there are many tools such as SpyAMZ It includes more than 10 million designs on the Merch website, and this data is updated on a daily basis and the latest and modern designs are added.

My experience with Merch by Amazon. You can use Merch Informer, as this powerful tool enables you to get keywords, in addition to helping you to get the strongest keywords for the product you are targeting. The tool also provides you with a very wide range of free designs that you can add directly to your account without Any violations... and then upload your designs on the site via the designs upload box, and then it will take you to a page to fill in data such as price and colors, and if the design is for men or women, my friend, make a good and long description of the design for more keywords that make you top search results

Then all you need now is to be patient and wait for sales. Of course, you should not despair if the time is long. The matter is normal and the designs are many and the users are many, but just download designs in a permanent way to increase the possibility of making profits and all you need to speed up the process of making profits is to promote your designs And your products through advertising campaigns on social networking sites or publishing on sites or groups that are interested in the field in which you work. I mean, put an affordable price to increase your sales. At first, don't care too much about making large sums, just be interested in gaining a reputation and making your own name on the site.

And here we come with something important. Try to make your name or your brand on the designs artistically in order to create a fan base for you, as the site will promote you. You start with the first level and your promotion falls when you sell ten designs, then your promotion falls from the second level to the third when you sell 25 designs. This is a graduated scale so that you can win good amounts. Also my friend, be modern and keep up with the latest fashion news in your designs. If you are doing old designs, art will not be bought from you. Make your designs simple, elegant and attractive, and do not fill them with colors. Finally, a piece of advice. Care a lot.

Tips for getting sales in 2022

  • Do not make designs dedicated to a specific name or a specific category without others, but make designs that can be purchased by all people, for example, designs for birthdays (Mother's Day, Father's Day) or designs for some famous films and series such as la casa de papel or others, of course, target things It is famous and spread all over the world because the Amazon market is global or a famous ball game design like Messi or others....
  •  Pay good attention to colors, as they make the difference between design and design. All people, before buying anything, are interested in its color, so I advise you to choose the right colors.
  • In the beginning, make designs for the front side of the T-shirt and leave the back side so that your profit margin is more. If you choose both sides, this means that printing the design will cost the company more, and therefore the profit margin will decrease.
  •  Choose a great and powerful design program, you will find hundreds of programs, but there is no better program than Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, they are the best undisputed within the field of design. Of course, these programs need some experience to be able to deal with them, so you can try programs for beginners such as Free TSHIRT Maker, which is easy to use and very simple .
  • I care a lot about occasions in America and the world. I mean Valentine's Day, Mother's Day. Believe me, these occasions are really wealth. The level of sales reaches the maximum in those days, of course, because all people tend to buy gifts for their loved ones and family, and then you will have prepared wonderful designs and you only need to observe the process sell it.
  • Use Instagram to market the t-shirts that you design, as it is the easiest solution for anyone who wants to bring in sales easily without paying extra fees in ads.

I was rejected in Merch by Amazon! What do I do ?

Do not worry my brother about rejection at all, and do not retract, review your mistakes, for sure you will succeed in the following times, but before you return the registration request, try to use a different bank account from the one you used in the beginning, also for the message used, it is recommended to modify it and send a different and special message Change the email used.

Of course, the profit from this field or the so-called Print on Demand is not limited to Merch by Amazon, but there are many other alternatives.

Best Merch by Amazon Alternative:

  • Vistaprint
  • Teespring 
  • Teezily
  • UltraPress
  • Etsy
  • Redbubble

Thank you for following this article and I want to point out at the end to avoid the so-called Merch by Amazon account for sale, because you waste your time and money when you think about buying this account because Amazon will definitely close your account.


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