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The best traffic exchange sites to bring thousands of visitors to your site for free

Learn about the largest and best traffic exchange list to bring traffic to a Blogger blog or site with the advantage of controlling http referrer and country.

Get traffic from social sites, Facebook, Twitter, and even search engines, Google and Bing. You can get thousands of visits per day. The traffic is real and appears in a normal analytic.

The best traffic exchange sites to bring thousands of visitors to your site for free

  • Today, we will present to you in this topic a group of sites to bring traffic exchange on your site or your free Blogger blog.
  • Actual visits counted by Alexa, downgrading is guaranteed in a short period of time, not exceeding a month, in order to get into the narrow circle of less than a million on alexa rank.
  • Most importantly, most of these sites are used to earn money. Yes, users of these methods are not interested in SEO or the content on their blogs, but rather are more interested in companies that accept traffic from such sites.

We have previously talked about a number of companies that pay for appearances, and it is a list that is not bad enough to make income from any new blog or site that does not contain many real visitors.

Meaning that its owner is an amateur or in his first steps to create websites and blogging, and it is very difficult to gain advanced positions in search engines, especially in strong keywords such as downloading or games.

You will find fierce competition from SEO experts who have been working for years with domains with high autority that may reach 35 or 40 out of 100 with good content that arouses the curiosity of visitors.

They take the best luck from the traffic, and other sites come at the end of the pages on the search engines, which are rarely entered by visitors.

Whoever wants to profit from sites must first learn the rules of the game, which lies in SEO and good content, for example, the list that we will present to sites that bring visitors will destroy any site, even if it is built on correct foundations.

The reason is due to the high bounce rate, in fact it is the availability of real browsing from real people using different devices, but it enters and exits in a short time without interacting with the site.

This is one of the most important reasons that make websites fall back in ranking, especially after the recent modification or update of the Google search engine algorithm and others.

Frankly, such sites are only used to earn money from companies that pay for appearance, and can not be used in any case to improve the ranking and focus on search engines.

It is possible to create small sites or simple blogs and write on them different topics, it does not matter that they are exclusive and send them the largest number of possible traffic before placing ads and earning a little money,

A simple example, but it is followed by many of those who work on the Internet, but I know that it will not last long. Nothing is better than real work, which is difficult, but it is always the best.

It is not forbidden to use this method to earn a little money to buy hosting, reserve domains, or create funded campaigns for real sites and blogs. We do not use such methods in order not to affect them negatively.

It is not possible in any way to use this method with Adsense, it will detect and ban directly, companies like Adsense have more than one way to know the source of visitors.

It tracks where the browser came from and where it goes after leaving the site and how it interacts. The examination may be in more than four stages.

Companies such as Adsense use what they call “tracker” to detect everything related to the visitor, and it is very developed for such companies, adding that the whole arena is affiliated with Google, meaning there is no room for tampering.

Traffic exchange sites are divided into two types

  • The first type is using the browser

They use a special script that makes the browser switch between sites in an automatic way, some of which make visits appear from sources we call referrer, and some of them are direct or anonymous “in a hidden sense”.

  • The second type uses software

It is the fastest, but it is not necessarily the best. It depends on the programs you install in your computer, then it does everything on its own.

At the beginning of the work, it is attached to a special browser, or even nothing may appear, and it uses the program to earn points that you can then use to get visits.

List of the best traffic exchange sites

  1. OtoHits is the first competitor, HitLeap, a new exclusive explanation for being completely free with all the features, the same features and advantages.
  2. HitLeap has long been known to be fast in getting visitors because it has thousands of active subscribers.
  3. bighits4u is very fast in getting visitors, the same way as a hotlab. Determining the source of traffic is free
  4. ebesucher visits are all real and in high quality
  5. Redsurf is among the best Russian sites that can benefit you a lot. It brings unique visits with keywords
  6. Websyndic enters v3, which is the third generation of the site, many improvements to the site, you should try it
  7. Free kilohits site determines the source with many features Full explanation
  8. Livesurf is very fast in getting visitors depends on the program, I advise you to go down and use a powerful antivirus.
  9. 10Khits, as its name indicates, large numbers in a short time, the best services on it are paid
  10. Hit4Hit has a large proportion of unique ip sources every 24 hours work is from the browser

The best traffic exchange sites to bring thousands of visitors to your site for free


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