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How to retrieve deleted call logs for Android and years ago

The call log for Android phones is important, as we find that most users delete the call log thinking that they do not need it.

As the call log keeps all your calls from incoming, outgoing and missed calls, and after a while we find them looking for a way to retrieve the call log for many reasons.

But what matters is how to recover phone call history on Android without root.

How to retrieve deleted call logs for Android and years ago

  • We have heard about various ways in which deleted photos and videos can be recovered.
  • However, recovering the call log is considered by some to be very complicated.
  • The recovery of call logs may lead to a reason why it should be restored, perhaps related to a fateful case.
  • But with some applications, we should never worry, because these applications have special algorithms that can retrieve the call history from years ago.

This application enables the user to retrieve deleted call logs with the click of a button, we all think that applications can only recover deleted files, but we seem to be wrong.

and we should not underestimate the ability of some mighty applications to retrieve deleted call logs and within moments, the application to restore call history There is a download link at the bottom of the page, now go down to the link and download and install it on your smartphone.

Features of the application to retrieve deleted call logs

  1. Retrieve all deleted call logs from years ago and without root
  2. Deleted outgoing, incoming and missed call logs can be retrieved
  3. Restore SMS messages whether sent or received and drafts
  4. Restore contacts and store them in the phone memory
  5. Retrieval of records of outgoing, incoming or missed deleted calls can be selected
  6. Make a backup copy of all call logs, SMS and contacts and save them as an .mxl file
  7. Restore call logs in PDF format

How to backup call logs and SMS messages

The way to use the application is very easy. If you want to create a backup copy of your call logs and SMS messages, just click on CLICK TO CONTINUE.

wait for several seconds until it is exported with a backup copy and saved on your phone, where you find the folder in the file manager with the name E2PDF (Backup & Restore) inside mxl file containing all call logs, contacts and SMS and can be saved in a safe place.

How to recover deleted call logs

  • This is the important option to retrieve deleted call logs. From the application interface, look for CLICK TO CONTINUE.
  • and when you find it, click on it to go to the next page, in which you choose what you want to retrieve, such as recovering SMS messages.
  • restoring general call history, contacts, or specifying a specific call log such as outgoing calls You can also choose to restore the statistics of calls and messages as they are exported as a PDF file and saved within the phone memory.

How to retrieve deleted call logs for Android and years ago


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