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Compress video size for Android without losing original quality

The method of compressing video size for Android is used to compress videos to reduce the space that it consumes on storage devices, such as hard disks as well as SD cards.

where there are a huge amount of programs and applications that are used to compress video size, whether it is for a computer or for Android, but most of them suffer from the problem of losing Quality when compressing video size.

  • There is another reason for us to reduce the size of the video without causing a loss of quality, as the compressed video is much smaller and this helps us to upload it quickly on the Internet or send it to certain people.
  • so some applications use special algorithms to reduce the size of the video as much as possible, and this method Large videos make them smaller, and this leads to saving them as compressed files so that they do not consume the storage medium.

Compress video size for Android without losing original quality

Compress video size for Android to increase smartphone space

The average user of the Android phone needs to apply the video size compression application, because anyone who owns private videos on a large phone, because the videos that we shoot with the camera are very large, so it is necessary to compress these videos to increase the space of the smartphone, because the clips The large size video consumes the internal memory of the phone, as its compression reduces the space that these videos consume.

  1. The size of the video can also be compressed as much as possible so that we store it on the external SD card.
  2. because each card has a certain size and when saving large-sized videos it consumes the memory of the card, regardless of its size.
  3. so the videos must be compressed through the application of compressing the size of images, and if there are a large number of Videos can be compressed so as not to take up extra space from the external storage.

Download Video Size Compressor App for Android

And in order to compress the video without losing the original quality, we need a free video size compression program, so now go to the bottom of this page where you will find the link to download the program, click on the link to download the program as the link that we put is a direct link to download the program and without using short links, you can For every user, download this free program to compress videos while preserving the original quality.

  • When you open the program on its destination.
  • it asks you to agree to the access permissions.
  • where all the videos stored in your phone appear.
  • choose the video that you want to compress and reduce its size.
  • all you have to do now is to choose the desired quality as it supports video compression for a message via WhatsApp as well as video compression for a message Via e-mail.
  • you can also choose the video size and quality yourself, as there is a dedicated compression for the videos, and after choosing the video compression size.
  • press Compress, then wait until the video is compressed according to the size you chose.

In many cases, we need to send the video via Gmail, so the video must be compressed in order to be sent quickly. There are many benefits of compressing the size of the video, there is no need to mention them.

Compress video size for Android without losing original quality


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