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How to get call history of any phone number and years ago 2022

In this article, we will learn how to get the call history of the phone number.

as we use a new application to do the task of collecting call records for years, imagine dear user, that you can refer to the call history of your phone number or any number to previous years, the super application that we explain today It is new and exclusive called “E2PDF”.

The link to download the application is found at the bottom of this article in apk format. After downloading, you must activate the option to install applications from external sources in order for the application to be successfully installed with you.

How to get call history of any phone number and years ago 2022

How the application works to get the call history of any phone number

  1. When you open the application, you will find several tools. What matters to us is to get the call log and for several years, just click on the second option, GENERAL CALL LOG.
  2. It opens a second page for the time you want to retrieve the call history from.
  3. Select the type of calls you want to retrieve, and then name the file to recognize it after saving it in your phone.
  4. Then click EXPORT TO PDF to save the call log as a pdf file.
  5. We can know the call log with the time and duration of each call and the time of the caller and receiver.

How to get call logs of any phone number

You can get the call history in the form of an XML or PDF file and almost everything in your phone number from contacts, contact history, call history, accurate statistics about all calls, and also get it from the backup copy of SMS messages and you can save this backup copy on any cloud or on your email Or on Google Drive or save it anywhere you like.

  • The application has a backup and restore feature for contacts, call logs and SMS, you can restore them if you want, they are exported and saved to your phone in the form of a pdf file. The benefit of this application is necessary when a problem occurs, God forbid.
  • Where by using this tool you can go back in time to find any phone number I called or called you and received a call or a missed call with all its data like call duration and exact time, if you like this application do not skimp on us by sharing it with your friends.

How to get call history of any phone number and years ago 2022