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My experience in solving a problem with restricted ads in Google Adsense 2022

In this article, I will talk about my experience in solving the problem of ads were restricted on this site. And how did I solve the problem and restart the ads again on my site.

My experience in solving a problem with restricted ads in Google Adsense 2022

Many of us got this message “A maximum allowed ad display has been added to your AdSense account”, which means that the appearance of Google Adsense ads has been restricted to your sites, but your account is still working and you can access it.

My experience in solving a problem with restricted ads in Google Adsense 2022

The text of the message I received was as follows:-


We recently identified issues with invalid traffic in your AdSense account. As a result, we've added a maximum allowed ad serving on your account. We will automatically review and adjust this limit as we continue to monitor traffic.

Please note that if you are found to be in violation of the AdSense program policies, your account may be subject to policy enforcement actions or may be permanently suspended.

What are the reasons for the problem of adding a maximum ad width to your AdSense account?

In fact, the reasons are many, and through my experience and after examination, I reached the following reasons:-

  • Having visits to your site directly from referral sites such as traffic selling sites, etc.
  • Text exchange with other sites that violate Google or have been previously proven to have violations.
  • Your use of many search words through the search engine and entering through the search results of Google to your site in abundance through them, which suggests that Google deliberately visits your site from one IP in abundance.
  • Invite your friends to visit your site and click on ads.
  • Your use of speed measurement tools to test the speed of your site such as GTmetrix and others, which Google considers invalid traffic.
  • Repeat visits to your site from the same browser in which you created your Google Adsense account and from the same device.
  • Unlawful clicks from some visitors to your site or others intending to harm your account.

What is the correct behavior when this message appears in your Google Adsense account?

When this message appears on your account, do not worry as long as you are sure of the safety of visits to your site, and I will explain what I did to get rid of this problem.

  • In the event that you received a message in this regard, all you have to do is go to your site or sites linked to your Google Adsense account and review your traffic sources.
  • Certainly, you will find some of your sites the most visited through the search engine Google, Bing, Pinterest … etc. They are legitimate visits and organic visits, so do not be afraid of this site, which is a review by Google robots, and the problem will end within 30 days from the date of receiving the message to you.
  • But if you find one of your sites with most of the abnormal visits from referral sites and the like, and it is a site linked to your Google Adsense account, then here lies the problem… Look at the visits to one of my blogs that I neglected some time ago and it was linked to my Google Adsense account and it was the main reason for the appearance of that message with my account and stopping displaying ads on my sites.

Steps to solve the problem that ads were restricted in Google Adsense 2022

The solution will be through the steps that you must take as soon as this message appears to you, which are as follows:-

  • You should review the visits to your sites or blogs that are linked to your Google Adsense account and make sure that the visits are safe.
  • Any site or blog for you that you find that there are invalid visits on it, try to stop displaying ads on it, by deleting the Google Adsense ads code from the blog, but do not delete it from Google Adsense, but wait until the first stage ends and you see the results.
  • Remove all ad units from sites where you see that your visits are valid and keep only automatic ads enabled.
  • Write one or more articles on your sites linked to Google Adsense that have verified the safety of their visits, in order to suggest to Google that your site is not only for displaying ads, but for displaying information to the visitor.

  • If you think about making an advertising campaign for your site, try to be through Google Ads, in order to give Google more attention about your sites.
  • Edit your old articles and try to add new keywords that are popular with visitors and be in the content of the article.

The result will be after about twenty days, and there are sites with which the review takes less than 10 days, and some of them exceed thirty days, but in the end, while adhering to the instructions of Google. You will find a message of reassurance that comes to your account as follows:-

How do I avoid getting a message that ads on your site have been restricted to my Google AdSense account?

Avoid illegal clicks to protect your account from being locked out

One of the biggest and most powerful reasons that lead to the emergence of this problem is illegal clicks. Non-capillary clicks come from invalid visits, which Google explained in this article. Which leads to more difficulty in solving the problem of ads were restricted to your site or blog.

In order to avoid this, you must first:

  1. Review your blog's traffic sources By reviewing stats in your dashboard or through Google Analytics, see any non-search source or IP you find and report it to Google via this reporting form: Invalid Clicks Contact Form.
  2. Through the form, mention the links or IP that you consider to be an illegal source of visits, such as visits by bots or repeated visits from a person or site, the purpose of which is to drop and close your account.
  3. Always make sure that natural visits from search engines, especially Google, must be the largest number in the statistics of your blog or site

My experience in solving a problem with restricted ads in Google Adsense 2022

How to help prevent invalid traffic to make it easier to fix ads restricted

Google has explained this in a distinguished article .. Read it in order to avoid invalid visits to your blog or site.

We recommend that you review the information from the following sources:

If you are a user of blogger blogs, and you have included in the blog statistics in the control panel sites directed to your blog visits and will cause you harm. You have to put the following code below the tag


Inside your blog template, and put any link you see in violation inside the code instead of This is the code and change any link that you do not see inside your blog's statistics to what is in it.

I hope that I have succeeded in explaining how to solve the problem of ads being restricted to your Google account, and ads not appearing on your site and how to get them back on your sites or site.


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