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Explanation of adding a download button on blogger blogs

You may want to create a link or download icon that leads to the download directly without taking you to another site and this is to spare the visitor the trouble of moving from one site to another, this will undoubtedly give a good user experience for your blog, especially with the spread of shortened links and annoying pop-up ads in Arabic content Unfortunately.

Explanation of adding a download button on blogger blogs

Create a direct download link on Google Drive:

As you know, Google Drive, which is Google's storage platform, does not give you a direct download link, but rather gives you a sharing link that leads to the Google Drive page from which you can download, but if you want to get a direct download link to include it in the post, follow the following steps :

  • Add the file to Google Drive, if the file is a folder, convert it to a winrar zip file.
  • In your Google Drive account, right-click on the file you want to download, then choose "Get Link"
  • A new window will open containing the sharing link for the file, click on copy link:

Link link with icon or button to download:

Instead of linking the download link with a word or phrase, you can use a button with the download icon inside it like the next button, if you click on it, it will download a file from Google Drive directly.

  • And to get a similar icon, paste the following code inside the post in HTML mode in the place where you want to place the download button.

  • Change 'download link' with the direct download link.

You can add some formatting as well by adding the following CSS code:

Explanation of adding a download button on blogger blogs

That's all we have today. I hope this article is useful to you. If you encounter any problems, please put them in the comments.