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Add blog pages update automatically

The automatic update feature reloads site pages, and this add-on reloads the contents of the page again, and this feature is often used by news sites and large forums. This add-on is also useful for increasing the number of page views, and also increasing ad views.

Add blog pages update automatically

How to add blog pages automatically update

  • First method

  1. Go to Appearance, select Edit HTML, and Ctrl + F search for <head>
  2. Paste the following code several/below

Or you can put the code between the meta tags in the template

90 is the number of seconds it takes to reload the page, meaning that every 90 seconds the page is refreshed automatically, change the number to suit you.

  • The second method

Ctrl + F search for the </body> tag and paste the following code before/above it

  1. 90000 is the number of seconds before the update 90000 = 90 seconds
  2. After you have finished placing the code, click on save and then see the results

note :

The code is attached to a bar tag and works on the main page only, because if it works on all pages it will be a big inconvenience to the visitors.

It will also be useful for sites that contain a large number of writers and editors, thanks to which the visitor will get updated posts.

To here, I have finished providing the addition of automatically updating the blog pages, I hope that I have succeeded in putting it up, and do not forget us from your encouraging comments

Add blog pages update automatically


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