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Review of Covert PinPress Theme

Covert PinPress is exactly what it implies. It's a covert or hidden way to mimic Pinterest on a WordPress blog. Or you can call it a combination of Pinterest and WordPress. You use a WordPress blog, but the look is that of a Pinterest site.

Pinterest is a social networking site like Facebook. It's a website where visitors pin or post images and share them with others. WordPress, of course, is a blogging network where bloggers write posts and publish them on the web. This particular combination of Pinterest and WordPress, called PinPress, is that you can select the Pinterest theme in your WordPress blog so that when you open your blog page, it looks like a Pinterest page. Instead of the usual blog posts and ads, images are arranged like on a Pinterest page.

Review of Covert PinPress Theme

The use of PinPress

The most famous use of Pinterest is sharing recipes on the internet by women who also have the image of the cooked food of those recipes. But lately, businessmen have also been using Pinterest to show images of their goods and services online. And that's where the creators of PinPress modify WordPress to include Pinterest as a theme. They allow bloggers to post images of the goods or services they sell or just any image that links to their blogs or websites.

When viewers look at the WordPress blog with a Pinterest theme (which is now called PinPress), they see images, and when they hover over those images, they see three buttons that are familiar to Pinterest users because they look like the buttons on a Pinterest site. those buttons are repinned, like, and remark.

When the viewer clicks the Repin button, they are taken to Pinterest, and there you can repin your image and blog post, giving the viewer a link to your blog post.

When the viewer clicks the "Like" button, they will be redirected to Facebook, where they can like your post. There, your companions can see your connection.

When the comment button is clicked, the viewer is redirected to the blog post, which contains a link to a website or landing page.

In other words, no matter which button you click, you'll be redirected to the blogger's blog post.

Thus, using PinPress is generating viral traffic to a blog or website, giving the blogger ever-increasing exposure to whatever he wants people to see or read.

In this way, traffic generation is put on autopilot so you can have another passive income opportunity.


Undoubtedly, PinPress generates traffic and links and we know that the more links a blog has, the higher it will rank in search engines. But this is only for those who already know what to do with blogs or how to write blog posts that are searched by people online.

The main mistake of this site on PinPress is to assume that the user of this theme already knows what to do with his blog. Simply getting this PinPress topic doesn't ensure increasingly more traffic. For instance, in the event that you don't do some examination on the words you will use in your blog entries, simply introducing PinPress on your blog won't be pretty much as viable as knowing and applying the essentials of site improvement. This fact is not mentioned in the tutorial that accompanies the installation of this theme in the WordPress blog. It ought to be referenced on the grounds that a significant number of the people who might be keen on introducing this subject might be new to Internet promotion.


There is a bonus for this product when you install it on your WordPress blog. You get a multi-site and developer license, which means that you can use this theme for many blogs and also for other people's blogs.


In general, Covert PinPress is a decent item. It generates additional traffic for your own blog or website. But you just need to make sure that you do not forget the other usual things that are necessary to gain traffic like writing quality content in your blog posts.