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Code to make external links nofollow in blogger blogs automatically

Code to make external links nofollow in blogger blogs automatically

Code to make external links nofollow in blogger blogs automatically

Code to make external links nofollow, every blogger owner is looking for a code to make external links nofollow in blogger blogs automatically, especially if his blog has many external links as an example of this article here, in my blog about sites to get high-quality backlinks | Add your site for free, as this article has many external links that require the need to put a nofollow tag on them, in order to tell search robots not to follow them because they lead to external sites.

Why should you put the Nofollow tag on all external links on your blog?

  • The answer is simply to put this tag on the external links on your blog in order to prevent search robots from tracking them, thus maintaining the strength and even the growth of the beige authority as well as the authority of the site.
  • Because leaving it without this tag means that the bots follow the external links and leave them on your site, and therefore the page authority will weaken the page and your site, and this leads to the search engines’ mistrust of your site, especially if these links are sponsored by Osspam, which will represent a great danger to Google’s confidence in your site.
  • The Nofollow tag only works on external links, all of your blog's internal links are Dofollow, meaning that these links are archived in search engines.

What is Google's policy in using the Nofollow feature?

You can view it through the following link

Use rel="nofollow" for specific links

What is the difference between Dofollow links and Nofollow links?

  1. Dofollow links are internal links on your site that belong to search engine robots and belong to your site, which results in strengthening the SEO and archiving of your site and the confidence of search engines in it, as well as increasing the authority of the site, which results in raising your site in search results.
  2. Nofollow links are links that search engines do not follow because they are external links from your site. This is done either manually or automatically - we will explain this in the following - and their purpose is to stabilize search engine robots on your site and keep away from spam links, and all of this leads to the confidence of search engines in your site, which raises its rank in search engine results.

Code to make external nofollow links in blogger blogs automatically, how do you activate nofollow links in your blog?

Go to your blog's control panel, then appearance, then edit HTML, and check your blog template for </head>

  • Then put one of the following codes above:

Then click on save after changing the link of my blog with your blog link, now all the external links in your blog bear the hashtag nofollow and open in an external page.

How do I know that links have the nofollow tag on my blog?

This is done through a wonderful add-on that you download to your browser that shows you whether the code is effective or not? This is done by marking the links as dash lines to show you that this link is nofollow or nofollow.

Code to make external links nofollow in blogger blogs automatically


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