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Download the paid version of the Mag Plus template

Today, we offer you the MagPluse template, a professional technical news magazine template in the sense of the word, a template with many distinctive and attractive sections and additions, a lightweight and easy to install template.

tech blogger template 2022 slash template latest version

The MagPlus template is a paid template and is not free on the Bikalika website, and we present it today in the Code Kitchen blog for free, and without errors, the MagPluse template is a multi-use, professional template, a lightweight template with many additions and a friend of search engines.

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  • Today I publish this template for free for you to start your blog

Features of Free Technical MagPlus Template 2022

  1. New and different shape, elegant and attractive design
  2. A powerful control panel that eliminates the need to deal with codes permanently
  3. Template designer support with unlimited colors and backgrounds
  4. Clean, bug-free code, powerful SEO, latest meta-codes and structuring, high page load speed 4x (new)
  5. Compatible with all screens, phones and tablets
  6. https supports encrypted connection for free and paid domains
  7. Supports LTR and RTL with full English version (New)
  8. Add lazyload to speed up the template and the appearance of images after the template is loaded (new)
  9. Dark mode you can activate from layout (new)
  10. An advanced comment system that supports the appearance of photos and videos
  11. The template supports the feature of dividing the topic into several parts easily using a short code
  12. About the author: A tool to display a description of each author and links to his accounts on social media
  13. Short and short codes ready to be used within posts
  14. Different skins to display sections: more than fifteen home screen skins
  15. Fixed menu and sidebar fixed for ascent and descent you can disable them from the layout
  16. Three different formats for posts: main, network, and individual
  17. Login Panel: You can log in to Blogger using your site
  18. A professional side panel in which you can add an infinite number of widgets
  19. Submenu two degrees
  20. Ajax Mega Menu
  21. Locked content can only be opened by sharing the article
  22. Pop-up articles at the bottom of each article to increase the number of blog views
  23. Link Redirect Page Tool: Converts a visitor when clicking on a link to a custom page where you can add your ads
  24. Copy blocking feature: Limit copying of exclusive blog content
  25. Next and Previous buttons with pictures of topics

MagPlus Template edit

Available with the template file, a file to fully explain the template with all the modifications and shortcuts that you can add to your site and improve.

Free MagPlus blogger template explained

Now we go to free download without rights without conditions


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