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How to root with King Root

Root, in short, is obtaining the powers of the wall to access and modify system files, that is, unlocking the Android system files, which allows the user to use the phone more powerfully and do many things that you will not be able to do without root, we will try in these petitions to We remind you about the features of rooting and what you can do with it.

How to root with King Root

The most common root benefits:

  1. Download apps that are not allowed by Google.
  2. Modifying system files such as localization or adding new features
  3. Update the system to the latest version before the official arrival of this version from your company.
  4. Speed ​​up your processor by killing apps you don't need.
  5. Delete the system apps that came with the phone that you can't delete without root.
  6. Video capture of the mobile screen.
  7. Combine internal and external memory
  8. Use of WiFi and network hacking applications.
  9. Use the Xposed platform which is packed with great tools.
  10. Perform full backup operations with information about applications, data and the system as a whole and restore them later.
  11. Permanently freeze apps to conserve battery and internet data.
  12.  Change device information such as IP..
  13. Flash or install modified and cooked ROMs

There are many other features and other benefits... and the Play Market has many applications that require root permissions to work on the phone

Explanation of the Kingroot application to root without a computer:

As I mentioned in the introduction, there are many applications, programs and ways through which you can root your device, but the easiest is using the kingroot application, where you can root any Android device within a minute or two with one click without the need for a computer or complicated steps, just follow the steps next:

  • First, download the application from its official website via the following link and install it on your phone: kingroot.

To install external applications (outside the Google Play Store) on Android phones, it is necessary first to activate the “Unknown source” option, go to Settings, then Security, then activate the “Unknown sources” option.

  • After installing the application, open it from your applications list.

  • Once the application is opened, it will search for the appropriate root files for your phone. The process will not take some seconds (the device must be connected to the Internet)

  • Click on Start Root to start the application rooting the phone.

  • Within a minute or less, the application will finish rooting the phone and a green check mark will appear.

  • Reboot the phone, and the rooting process has been successful.

This is how you have finished rooting your Android device, and the application is the same as managing root permissions on your phone, and you will not need an alternative such as Supersu or SuperUser

How to root with King Root

To download the applications used to explain the root


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