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How to Increase Earnings in Google Adsense

AdSense earnings for a website or blog depends on various factors. AdSense earnings vary depending on the age of the site, content, audience, application practices, and many other things.

  1. If you are a Google AdSense user, making low earnings and looking for best practices to increase AdSense earnings, you are not alone.
  2. All bloggers are faced with this situation where they want to increase ad RPM, CTR and CPC. Most beginner bloggers come two weeks after being approved by AdSense for this position.
  3. I've also faced this situation in the past and I understand your situation now. So, based on my ad monetization experience, I have prepared the following list of best practices. This list will help you implement best practices and increase your AdSense earnings.

How to Increase Earnings in Google Adsense

How to increase AdSense earnings (best practices):

  1. Choose your ad size wisely
  2. Experiment with ad placements
  3. Use ad format based on site content and layout
  4. Use a mix of manual ads and auto ads
  5. Display ads among other content
  6. Set up device-specific ads
  7. Block irrelevant ad categories (experience needed)
  8. Focus on organic traffic
  9. Avoid hacks and policy violations
  10. Balanced advertising inventory management
  11. Create an article with long and deep content
  12. User friendly website design and ads
  13. Track and fix website problems
  14. Focus on creating high quality content instead of focusing on ads
  15. Link Google Analytics and AdSense
  16. Use a machine learning platform to display ads

Choose your ad size wisely

Google AdSense ad unit ad size is really important for a site's user interface, profit factors (RPM, CTR, CPC), and basic web biometrics. Choosing ad size based on ad location and site layout gives good results for all things (UI, Search, Earnings).

You will get two options in Google AdSense for ad units (auto ads and manual ad unit). You need to implement ads wisely using these two options.

For AdSense Auto ads, you don't need extra action, but in some cases Auto ads show ads in some areas which disturb site layout. For example, ads below or above the main menu, vertical ads in the footer section.

Now as a good practice, use the automatic AdSense ads for 3-4 days and find out which sites are showing ads of the wrong size or not showing ads at all. After this process, create and use manual department and device specific ad units. Here, you need to create minimum 4 manual ads and choose their sizes wisely.

If you have confusion regarding ad sizes, use responsive ad units for regular placements. And for specific positions where you want to display fixed-size ads, you can check out our AdSense Supported Ad Sizes guide.

Experiment with ad placements

Experiments with ad placements are initially mandatory practice. All sites have some important places, where users interact more compared to other places. To find these places, you need to move your site's display ad placements. When you do this experiment, you will notice a change in ad unit revenue. Once you can find the best position, place an ad in that niche.

In this practice, you need to wait 4-5 days to get the right results for your ad unit and site set. This means, displaying an advertisement in one place, without recording the results of 4-5 days and after that move the advertisement to another place if necessary. By repeating this practice, you can find the best ad placements.

You can also get the best idea of ​​the ad locations based on the content and layout of your site. For example, split before or after the main menu, the top of the site, the start of the post content and the first widget area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe sidebar. These are some of the sites that make good money by showing ads.


You also need to take care of the user's device screen size before using some sites. Let's say you set a common sidebar ad to display both desktop and mobile. Here in mobile, this ad goes to the bottom due to limited supply. Therefore, in such cases, you need to display device-specific ads. This means, display only desktop sidebar ads.

The golden rule for manual AdSense ads is to set them so that the ads get good visibility and appear to be part of your site's content. Here, also take care of the space between ads and content, so users don't make accidental clicks.

Use ad format based on site content and layout

For ad units, Google AdSense provides four options, which are Display Ads, In-feed Ads, In-article Ads and Search Engine. Here, you need to choose ad formats based on your site's content and layout. Analyze your site's content and layout and use ad formats that look like they're part of your site.

You can easily select the ad format for your page content by name of the ad unit option. For example, "Display ads" work anywhere on the site, "In-feed ads" work with listing pages, and "In-article ads" work among your content.

With the right size and shape of the ad, you can create the best ad inventory for your site, generating more revenue. Display ads work well in any section and in-article ads work great between content. Therefore, try to use these two ad formats more on your site, as you find more user interaction.

Use a combination of adverts and ads

As a beginner, you can only use AdSense auto ads. But after getting some experience with the AdSense ad network and its dashboard, it's a good practice to use a combination of both manual and automatic on-site ads.

Both automatic AdSense ads and manual ads have their advantages and disadvantages. But, if you serve ads on your site through AdSense manual and automatic ads options, you will be able to get maximum benefits of both options.

Here, Auto ads display ads automatically, and they also test ad placements to generate more ad revenue. Therefore, you do not need any additional steps for Auto ads.

With the advantages, the automatic ads have some disadvantages, they sometimes display the ads in wrong places which disturbs the user experience, or lose some placements that may bring more profit.

To get around these situations, you can create manual ad units for missing places on the site or for places where the proper ad format doesn't appear. With this bundled solution, you can increase your site's earnings from ads.


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