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What is the importance of a URL and does it affect SEO?

It may happen to many that they publish their posts without allocating the permalink, so the blogger publishes them with an automatic link.

or some may mistake the name of the link without their attention, and after a period of time the link is archived in engines, which makes the renaming directly may lead to loss of archiving.

  • In this article, we will learn how to modify the links of published and archived posts without losing this archive.

How to customize your Blogger post link:

What is the importance of a URL and does it affect SEO?

To change the naming of the blogger's posts links, you must first return the post to the draft mode.

Next, we enter the post and from the settings in the sidebar we click on Permalink and then Custom link.

Inside the space provided for the link, we enter the new link. It is better that it be composed of words separated by a sign (-) without including spaces between the words, for example the title of the post you are reading now:

  • Enter the words in red only, the rest of the title will be inserted automatically.
  • After you have completed the change of address, post the post again.

Redirect from old address to new:

And in order to keep the visits coming, whether from search engines or from links published in various platforms, we must redirect from the old link to the new link, and to do this we follow the following steps:

  1. We go to the blogger control panel, then from the settings we choose "Custom redirects".
  2. We click on add, and a window opens for us in which we enter the old and new links with the education on "permanent".

  • With the caveat that entering the address extension only means that the main domain is not entered.
  • In the end, we click on "OK" and with this we have changed the URL of the post with the redirect.

What is the importance of a URL and does it affect SEO?

  • There are many opinions about the impact of including keywords in the link title on the page's SEO, but the majority of specialists assert that it has a limited impact on SEO compared to other factors.
  • In my personal opinion, and if you want to succeed in the world of blogging, you must treat everything on your site as important, because no one knows exactly how Google's algorithms work and you don't know, maybe the thing you said about is not important, it may be the opposite.

You can read more about some tips from Google about URLs.

Regardless of the impact of the link address on SEO, the inclusion of a short title that contains the keywords is more professional and quality for the visitor, as well as you can share the link on various platforms without the need to make a short, as many users avoid clicking on the short links for fear of being directed to unauthorized sites desirable.

Another thing that shows the importance of custom titles is the reports of some programs and sites about your site. If you go to the webmasters, for example, and want to know the performance of the pages, you will find only the URLs without the page title, if the link is not dedicated, you will not know the link of any page unless you return in Each time and search your site.

What is the importance of a URL and does it affect SEO?


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