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How To Build A WordPress Theme - The Elements of a WordPress Sales Page


is a great platform for sales websites. Originally, WordPress was designed as a blog platform, but thanks to its customizability, it has become more than just a blog. Thanks to themes and plugins created by WordPress users, WordPress can be used as a business website, magazine website, and even a sales and marketing website. There are many WordPress themes available on the internet that you can use to turn your simple WordPress installation into a highly effective WordPress sales site.

How To Build A WordPress Theme - The Elements of a WordPress Sales Page

The goal of a sales page is to convert website visitors into sales. This means that the page must be designed to effectively sell the product every time a visitor loads the page. Regardless of the product, an effective sales page follows a specific formula with a few minor adjustments for a good sales pitch. A sales pitch follows a linear step-by-step process to try to turn a website visitor into a sale. The steps are as follows.

Header -

 This is the first part of the page that the website visitor sees. In the header, you are trying to captivate your visitor and slowly get them to read on throughout the sales page. This means that the name of the product or service should be written in a large, eye-catching font, accompanied by a sales slogan designed to capture the visitor's interest.

Introduction/Overview - 

This element briefly introduces the website visitor to all the essential details of the product or service offered on the sales page. Here, the page starts presenting all the selling points of the product and tries to inform the website visitor about the benefits they will have if they purchase the product or service.

Features/Benefits/Specifications - 

while the introduction or overview briefly lists all the benefits a visitor can have if they buy the product or service, the sales page still needs to give more details about the product features to pique the visitor's interest. This part of the page details the best features and benefits of a product and how it will improve the visitor's well-being when they buy it. Most website visitors arrive at a sales page through targeted ads, so the content of a sales page is specific to the target market.

Product previews/instructions - 

this is where the WordPress sales page showcases how easy it is to use their products. Often these are screenshots or video footage for software products, videos of products in action, or informative videos about a particular type of service. This section tries to convince the visitor that learning how to use the product does not require too much time or a steep learning curve.

Value Promotion - 

this section represents the final steps of a sales pitch. Here, the sales page tries to convince the visitor that they are getting more value for their money by showing all the benefits the visitor will receive for the price they pay. A money-back guarantee and relevant reviews should be placed here.

Order - 

now, this is the last and final part of a WordPress sales page. If a website visitor is convinced that buying the product the page is trying to sell will prove beneficial for him, he will definitely want to order or buy the product right away. At this point, the sales page presents the order information and gives instructions on how to purchase the product to turn the website visitor into a sale.