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Why are Blogger statistics different from Google Analytics?

I meet this question frequently when I go through the forums and social groups for Blogger, which is why the statistics of the Blogger platform differ from the statistics of Google Analytics, and why are the statistics of Blogger always significantly greater than the Google statistics?

Why are Blogger statistics bigger than Google Analytics?

Why are Blogger statistics different from Google Analytics?

  • The answer may be somewhat shocking, especially for those who rely heavily on Blogger statistics to track their blog results, and the reason is that these statistics count all the visits that enter the blog, including the crawls of the indexing bots of various search engines.
  • Perhaps all blogger users noticed that after creating the blog and registering it with the webmasters, there are visits from foreign countries, especially from the United States, even though the content of the blog is Arabic? This confirms beyond any doubt that these visits come from various crawlers.
  • The reason for this is that Google Analytics filters and excludes various visits from different search bots such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and even ad programs such as AdSense, while Blogger does not do so yet.

Does this mean that you should not completely rely on blogger statistics?

  1. Of course not, these statistics provide correct data regarding the number of visits coming from search engines and from various other sources such as social networking sites and others, which gives you a clear idea of ​​the source of the visits coming to your blog.
  2. As for the unreal visits recorded due to search engine crawls, they appear under the name 'Other', which may be a source of somewhat ambiguity because the categorization of the 'Other' traffic source is also direct visits.
  3. Another important thing for Blogger statistics is to identify the sources of suspicious and illegal visits that may harm your blog. These visits may be from fake traffic selling sites or they may be from blogs created specifically for this purpose, which unfortunately exists in abundance in the Arabic content, where some soul patients resort to Sending illegal traffic to their competitors.
  4. You should also be aware of the feature to disable the calculation of visits coming from your side in all the browsers you use, whether on the desktop or from the phone, to avoid any confusion, and to do this and from the statistics, scroll to the bottom of the page and then click on “Manage page views tracking”, You will see another page where it just says "Do not track my views of this blog" and then close the page with the warning that this will work in all browsers that you use to view your blog.

Webmaster Statistics:

  • Webmaster statistics such as Google Search Console and Bing Master tool are reliable and fairly accurate sources in calculating the number of blog visits, but they are limited only to visits from their search engines, for example, Google Search Console gives you statistics for Google only and the same for Bing.
  • Personally, I consider webmaster statistics very important, especially for bloggers who rely on SEO, as they give you special reports for each page separately, the keywords that visitors used to access the blog and other information.

Why are Google Analytics statistics different from Google Adsense?

Which is completely different from Blogger. AdSense statistics almost adopt the same principle as Google Analytics statistics and are often close, except in some specific cases or the differences are somewhat limited. These differences can be reduced by linking the AdSense account to the Google Analytics account.

Why are Blogger statistics different from Google Analytics?