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tech blogger template 2022 slash template latest version

Free technical blogger template Welcome, searcher of a template for your site, a professional technical blogger template I published several blogger templates in the past weeks without rights

tech blogger template 2022 slash template latest version

Today, we complement it with a wonderful new template, which is the excellent Slash template for news sites and blogs with the latest versions, a professional blogger template

  • Several templates are available on our site blogger templates without rights Basil blogger template 2022 Blogger template 2022 Amp template Professional blogger template
  • Today I publish this template for free for you to start your blog

Features of Free Technical Blogger Template 2022

  1. Responsive template compatible with all devices and screens: check here
  2. You can put two ads in the middle of the topic from planning only
  3. The template designer supports that you can change the colors of the template to suit your taste
  4. Very fast loading template and elegant download page
  5. Supports encrypted connection https
  6. Compliant with SEO standards and archiving rules
  7. Short codes that can be used in posts.
  8. An advanced control panel that completely eliminates the need to deal with codes
  9. A copy-blocking script to protect the exclusive content of your blog from being stolen
  10. professional error page
  11. Topics that are very relevant at the bottom of each topic
  12. Clean template of errors
  13. Technical support and after-sales services (free updates - problem solving)
  14. Many other features you can view from the preview page.
  15. And more to discover for yourself.

tech blogger template edit

Available with the template file, a file to fully explain the template with all the modifications and shortcuts that you can add to your site and improve

The shape of the template and your site with it. You can see how to control the template in short through this short video

Free technical blogger template explained

Now we go to the preview and free download without rights without conditions


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