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Solve the problem of displaying ads in Google Adsense 2022

Restrict the display of ads The new message and policy of the new AdSense to display ads in an orderly manner on sites that rely on bringing visitors through pages on social media or through pop ads that do not benefit the advertiser with anything The display of Google AdMob ads has been restricted to your application.

The message of restriction reached many Arab and foreign accounts, which was a catastrophe for many account holders, the sites that are the main source of their income.

Solve the problem of displaying ads in Google Adsense 2022

During the research, there was no official or categorical discussion about solving the problem of restricting ads in AdSense, except that the site should be taken care of and configured to provide useful content to the visitor as well as to the site owner, as Google says.

The most important problems that were mentioned in the help forum in Google Adsense are:

Ads restriction issue Ads access is restricted Resolved ad restricted issue Concerns about invalid traffic The number of ads you can display has been temporarily restricted.

The number of ads you can display has been restricted. To see the details, go to the Policy center Resolve a problem The number of ads you can show is limited AdSense ads are restricted.

Reasons for restricting ad display

  • Buy fake visitors to the site
  • Publishing links widely on Facebook groups and relying on it to bring visitors
  • Use shortening pages or links on images and videos and bring visitors through them to your site.
  • Content is not enough
  • The appearance of the site is inappropriate
  • Contrasting content
  • Illegal Visits Beware of Illegal Visits

Reason for Restricting Adsense Ads

There was clarification by Google AdSense about the implementation of the restriction on some websites, whether Arab or foreign, as the restriction in many cases is a temporary restriction only and then the ads return to appear again to those sites that were affected by the system of restricting the display of ads by a company Adsense.

The restriction of these sites comes through monitoring and examination of the legitimacy of the visits received to those sites, pages and articles, and they are greatly affected and ads are restricted in the event that the sources of fake visitors or visits from only one source are revealed, which does not benefit the advertiser with anything.

It is advised to make a change to the site and diversify the sources. It is preferable to have visits through the Google search engine and not to rely on visits from social media through pages or groups, as well as advertisements.

Solve the restriction problem

Fixing the problem of restriction and returning the display of Adsense ads to your site again and removing that annoying message is by fully improving the site to attract visitors through the Google search engine.

solve these problems

Paying attention to your site in terms of bringing traffic through the Google search engine and not by sites and pages promoting your site “bringing fake visitors for profit only”, talking about fake visitors here is to bring the visitor for the purpose of clicking on ads only through groups on Facebook as well as by buying visitors through programs and others.

It is also possible to rely on improving the site and preparing it for search engines to ensure the presence of visitors through the Google search engine, as well as other search engines, as well as social media pages in the event that you have visitors from Google.

  1. Clear your browser cache and cookies, then go to the website again.
  2. Enable JavaScript and disable all personal firewalls or ad blockers you have already installed because ad blockers prevent Google ads from showing.

Then go to the page to solve the problem of displaying ads in Adsense from here.

Solve the problem of displaying ads in Google Adsense 2022