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How to Get Perfect Gel Nails Without Leaving Your Couch

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There’s just something about getting your nails done.

When our nails are beautiful, we feel good. That said, with this little luxury comes an increasingly higher price tag, both in cost and time. Going to the nail salon – especially for a gel manicure – can take an entire afternoon and cost a pretty penny.

Luckily, a visit to the salon isn’t the only way to get salon-quality gels. ohora’s semi-cured gel nails completely change the way we think about DIY manicures and pedicures.

We’ve never come across an easier, more foolproof process than ohora’s DIY gel nail. It’s the easiest way to get beautiful nails without breaking the bank, and really anyone can do it.

Why it’s time to say goodbye to the nail salon

We love salon quality nails and have spent a lot of time trying to recreate that lackluster shine at home. Before ohora, we had never been able to get close to what they could do in a living room.

Still, you might be wondering why we would make this change. We fell in love with the adorable designs and easy process of ohora, but we also fell in love with going to the salon. Here’s why.

Our time is precious

Even a standard manicure can eat up an hour out of your afternoon. Are you looking for an acrylic tip or a cool nail art? You might as well ruin the whole day.

It shouldn’t take hours of your life to have a nice manicure that lasts, especially when you have so much else on your plate.

The cost keeps rising

Anyone else feel like the price of a manicure has skyrocketed in recent years?

Let’s say we go a few weeks between nail salon trips. This represents approximately 25 trips per year. Multiply that by the price of our local salons (up to sixty dollars, if not more), and we have a serious regular expense.

You can do it yourself

We know that many brands have claimed to provide perfect DIY nails at home and have failed. They’ve been either too difficult to DIY, too flimsy to last, or seriously lacking in color and design options.

ohora is totally different. There’s no powder, no dipping, and no stress. All you need is a UV lamp (ohora also sells some), nail clippers and a few minutes.

Best of all, ohora nails last even longer than a salon-quality manicure without damaging your actual nails.

In our humble opinion, it’s officially time to say goodbye to hours spent in your nail salon and say hello to a quick and perfect manicure at a fraction of the price.

Ohora nails

ohora is the top selling gel nail brand in Korea

ohora is brand new to the US market, but has been popular in Korea and Japan for quite some time. Launched in 2018, the brand has become Korea’s top-selling gel nail brand in just three years.

Gel nail contest in Korea is no joke. When something becomes so popular, so fast, then you know you have to try it.

It’s easy

ohora’s success is due to its patented approach to DIY nails.

Normally, adhesive nails come in two varieties. Either they are completely flexible and go on like a sticker, or they are hard and have a hard adhesive on the back. Either way, they tend to fall off pretty quickly.

Semi-hardened ohora nails are neither soft nor hard – they fall somewhere in between.

It’s the best of both worlds. Because they are flexible, you can easily apply the color to your own nails, moving it into position without any seams.

Then you trim the excess nail to match your natural length and cure the nail under a UV lamp. The sticker hardens and rounds under light, creating a perfect salon-quality manicure every time.

If you’ve tried many other DIY brands and still found them frustrating or confusing, don’t let that put you off trying ohora. These nails are super easy to apply, with simple instructions and a revolutionary formula that makes doing nails at home a breeze for all of us.

Plus, their formula is also vegan and cruelty-free.

It’s quick

Besides being super easy, ohora manicures are also super fast.

ohora’s simple process means you can have the perfect gel manicure in minutes. We like to do this while we watch TV, but you’ll be done before you can even complete an episode.

All you have to do is prep your nail with the prep pad provided by ohora, stretch the gel nail over it, harden and file – and you’re done. That’s all it takes to get strong, protective gel nails.

Think about all the things you can do now that you don’t have to go to the salon anymore. (And yes, watching more TV matters.)

It lasts

An at-home manicure can really last longer than a professional manicure: ohora manicures last and last.

We are quite practical. Even with a manicure, we don’t walk around protecting our nails at all costs. We do the dishes, we garden and we spend a lot of time typing on the computer.

Our ohora nails lasted through it all without any peeling, chipping, or hair stuck under the nail.

ohora says that when applied correctly, their nails can last up to twenty-one days, but we’ve seen people who have kept their manicures for about a month. The only reason you’ll want to change them early is to try out a new color and style.

When it’s time to trade, removal is as simple as the request process. All you need is the wooden cuticle stick that comes with every ohora set and some nail polish remover.

With a little pressure, they will burst right away. Try it for yourself and see how gentle this manicure is for your natural nails.

Ohora nails

Why the internet is obsessed with ohora

With over 850,000 customer reviews and ten million units sold since 2019, ohora is making a splash in the nail care community. Its ease of application and removal is a big part of that, but we think their huge selection of styles has something to do with it as well.

No matter your aesthetic, there’s something you’ll love about ohora.

There are so many fun styles

Ohora offers over eight hundred gel varieties, including solid colors, French tips, gemstone patterns and more. Greens, blues, marbles, plaids, stripes, polka dots, sequins – you name it: ohora has it all.

We love browsing ohora’s site while looking for inspiration for our next manicure. We’ve embraced the accent nail trend and love that sets include playful designs that reflect our personality.

ohora has even partnered with brands like Disney Japan, Casetify, WOOYOUNGMI, and PUSHBUTTON to create limited-edition custom sets. As the brand becomes more popular in America, we can’t wait to see what they cook up next.

Find your perfect manicure style on the ohora site today!

You can mix and match

We’re not building our collection of ohora sets so slowly because it’s so much fun to mix and match styles. For many of us, nail art is a form of creative expression. We love that this brand gives us the ability to control and create on our nails.

Ready to join the ohora family?

If you’re looking for a way to get professional quality gel manicures and pedicures without the high price and time commitment, we can’t recommend ohora highly enough.

With its simple yet brilliant semi-cured adhesive nail technology, ohora makes it easy to achieve flawless, shiny, long-lasting nails every time. Choose from a wide variety of colors and styles. No matter what you wear or feel, your nails can complement your style effortlessly.

Want to try them? Ohora’s full selection of sets are available on their website, or you can shop on Amazon and get the nails done in just days.

Visit the ohora website to experience these beautiful gels for yourself.

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