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Governor Lamont Announces New Reproductive Rights Website and Information Line for People Seeking Help with Abortion Services in Connecticut

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Governor Lamont Announces New Reproductive Rights Website and Information Line for People Seeking Help with Abortion Services in Connecticut

(HARTFORD, CT) – Following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe vs. WadeGovernor Ned Lamont today announced that the State of Connecticut has launched a reproductive rights hotline and website to help people seeking information about abortion services in the State to connect to the resources they need.

Starting today, people can call 1-866-CTCHOICE (1-866-282-4642) or visit for information about reproductive rights in Connecticut, providers, and other helpful resources for people seeking abortion services.

“Despite the Supreme Court’s sweeping decision to deny individuals the right to make their own reproductive health decisions, the State of Connecticut will never stand between you and your doctor.” Governor Lamont said. “If you are ready to start a family, we want you to have access to the health care you need, and if for any reason you need abortion services, we have your back and want to make sure you can find the healthcare you need as easily as possible, which is why setting up this hotline and website is a priority for me and my team.

“Governor Lamont and I will always protect women’s right to choose, which is why we passed first-of-its-kind legislation protecting both patients and practitioners, whether they’re from Connecticut or another State”, Lieutenant Governor Susan Bysiewicz said. “Now, this centralized helpline will connect women in need of care to providers, transport and funding. We are here to support anyone who is in vital need of this life-changing right to health care.

“Abortion is legal in Connecticut” Attorney General William Tong said. “Despite this, the chaos that followed the Supreme Court decision in Dobbs caused confusion and panic. This website and helpline promote access to important information for patients and providers. Even in Connecticut, we cannot take our rights for granted. We are already seeing efforts here and nationally to erode access and erect unnecessary barriers to abortion. Should Republicans take control of both houses of Congress, plans are already in place to push for a national abortion ban. If that happens, I’ll be the first to file a complaint. In any court, in any state, I will be there to protect the personal and professional decisions of women and doctors.

“We are already seeing the devastating human impact of laws and policies that restrict individuals’ basic health rights and put caring clinicians at risk simply for providing essential care to their patients,” Connecticut Department of Human Services Commissioner Deidre Gifford said. “As a former practicing obstetrician-gynecologist who understands the difficult decisions pregnant patients can face, I am proud to work in a state and for a governor who is committed to upholding the essential and fundamental right to make decisions. Personal Health Care This phone line and website will provide essential information and resources for people seeking abortion services in Connecticut.

“A woman’s right to choose to have a safe abortion has been central to providing safe care to women for 50 years,” Connecticut Department of Public Health Commissioner Manisha Juthani said. “In Connecticut, we are fortunate that there will be no changes to continue to provide women with safe choices in their medical care. We remain committed to optimizing public health. In Connecticut, the right to choose of a woman is always protected.

“It is imperative that people can access medically accurate information to make health care decisions, including abortion,” State Representative Jillian Gilchrest, Co-Chair of the Connecticut General Assemblys Reproductive Rights Caucus, said. “There is a lot of misinformation and fear around abortion care. I commend the Lamont administration for providing resources for those seeking abortions in Connecticut.

Connecticut has been a leader in passing laws to protect and support its residents by increasing access to reproductive health care in Connecticut. Earlier this year, Governor Lamont has signed into law a first bill in the country this will provide key safeguards to out-of-state patients seeking abortion care in Connecticut and the providers who assist them. Additionally, the law expands access to abortion in Connecticut by expanding the type of practitioners eligible to perform certain abortion-related care.

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