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3 Key Content Marketing Strategies to Get Website Traffic in Month 1

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This post was sponsored by Hands Off Publishing. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the sponsor.

You’ve just started a brand new site, published a lot of content, and spent a lot of time and money.

  • 2 days later: No traffic.
  • 30 days have passed: still no traffic.

Rough, isn’t it?

What if we could show you a better way?

It’s time to implement a proven and reliable strategy to rank on the SERPs and drive traffic in the first month.

Is it a quick hack? No.

Is the implementation free? Unfortunately no.

Does it work? Absolutely!

In just 6 months, this strategy produced over 100,000 unique visitors from organic search.

3 Key Content Marketing Strategies to Get Website Traffic in Month 1Screenshot of Google Search Console for, July 2022

Before we dive into a strategy to try, let’s talk about why people say it takes so long to rank a new site on Google.

Why is it so hard to get a high ranking on a new site?

Before diving deeper into this article, you should understand why this problem exists.

The shortest and most powerful answer is this: you need content to rank.

Buying links, guest posting, building awareness, and hiring SEO “experts” are the least of your problems.

Instead, you should focus on:

  • The real needs of your readers.
  • Your unique expertise.
  • Added new ideas to the web.

If you don’t implement these three keys, link building and awareness don’t matter.

The sooner you get good quality content on your site, the sooner you’ll start ranking on the SERPs.

3 Keys to Content Marketing Success

Successful content depends on these three keys, no matter the niche or industry.

If your content is lacking in any of these areas, you’ve identified your first problem.

Key 1: Give readers what they want

Focus on the reader and search engines will focus on you.

You’ve heard it time and time again over the past few years: “Satisfying search intent.”

The good thing is – there’s nothing complicated about it.

All you have to do is give the reader what they want and need:

  • If your prospects want a product review, give them a detailed product review.
  • If they want a question answered, give them the answer to that question as soon as possible.

Key 2: Implement EAT

EAT stands for Expertise, Authority and Reliability. This is the ultimate summary for the perfect article.

You can create that experience for your readers by posting well-researched content backed by data, unique information, and hard-to-find information.

Beyond this concept highly valued by Google, it makes sense.

Put yourself in the reader’s shoes.

When you need help with something:

  • Wouldn’t you rather read content from someone who knows what they’re talking about?
  • Wouldn’t you like information from someone with authority and great credibility?
  • Wouldn’t you stay away from someone who is just regurgitating existing information on the internet?

That’s what Google expects from your new site, and that’s what EAT is all about.

Key 3: Create something new

What makes your content different from everything else on the internet?

To get placed on page 1 of Google, you just need to post something better than the top 10 results on Google.

There’s only one way to do this: implement keys one and two.

To really increase your content, here are a few other things you can implement to make your site more valuable:

  • Complementary videos.
  • Unique charts and infographics.
  • Podcast features.
  • Interviews.
  • Case studies.
  • Audio.

Once you understand these three keys, the rest comes naturally.

Now let me show you how Carl Broadbent generated over 100,000 unique visitors in 6 months with the brand new website:

3 Key Content Marketing Strategies to Get Website Traffic in Month 1Screenshot from, July 2022

Try This: The “100,000 Visitors in Six Months” Content Strategy

Much like the Three Keys, this strategy revolves around simplicity.

It’s the exact same process our copywriting agency uses to serve over 800 clients.

It’s also how we’ve been able to help countless clients get over 100,000 monthly page views in less than six months.

Step 1: Do a topic search

It all starts here.

All you need to find are low competition, high opportunity keywords.

Don’t over complicate this process with formulas or a massive tech stack.

The process is simple.

How to do a topic search

  1. Analyze successful content in your niche.
  2. Dive deep into all related queries.
  3. Identify keywords that have low quality content on their SERPs.
  4. Create better content than what exists on the SERP.

proof of success

We implemented this process for a client in the DIY niche recently.

We published 47 messages for him, and he already receives 40 to 50 visitors per day in less than 2 months.

3 Key Content Marketing Strategies to Get Website Traffic in Month 1Screenshot from Ezoic, July 2022

It sounds simple. It is because it is.

Good marketing trumps everything, and good content is no different.

As long as there is even a small demand for the information you post, all you have to do is create better content than anyone else, and you will see the results.

Implement this on hundreds of keywords as we mentioned above; you will grow like never before.

Step 2: Create lots of content

We know; it might be the last thing you want to hear, but it’s the only thing that can accelerate your organic growth and results.

But don’t be scared off.

In place, listen to this:

This is more than 1,500% growth in traffic in six months.

And 32,918% revenue growth.

3 Key Content Marketing Strategies to Get Website Traffic in Month 1Image created by Hands Off Publishing &, July 2022

Now, if he sold his website on the spot at a multiple of 35 times, which is easily achievable, he would net a profit of $23,469.37!

The most important thing to understand here is that you can optimize your website to look great and you can have an awesome logo, but content alone will bring you traffic and most importantly, make you money. .

Your monthly content release strategy

  • Month 1: Create and publish 450 pieces of high-quality, well-researched EAT content.
  • Month 2: Create and publish 80 pieces of new, high-quality, well-researched EAT content.
  • Month 3+: Create and publish 50 new, high-quality, well-researched EAT content.

Step 3: Refine on 1 content type

Instead of adapting to different writing styles and formats, it’s best to keep your content strategy simple and focus on one type of content.

Each type of content has its own pros and cons.

Advantages and disadvantages of writing how-to guides

Take how-to guides, for example.

They’re amazing, but you’ll need to add lots of original images and videos alongside the written content to make it stand out.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Creating and Generating Product Review Content

Product reviews are basically responsible for 40% of Amazon’s revenue.

But reviews require a lot more work than just rewriting Amazon reviews, pasting images straight from the retailer, or providing a table of “best” options.

Advantages and disadvantages of informative content

For Carl and many of our clients, informative content is best.

When your potential reader searches for a problem or a problem they encounter, you can give them the answer right away.

For this to work perfectly, you’ll want to create something that can’t be found anywhere else on the internet.

The fastest way to achieve this? Buy the product and really review it.

Here is an example of an article where Carl used the method above to produce exceptional and unique content.

And here is a video that goes with it.

Find out how it all worked out successfully in our full strategy and case study.

No more copying text and reviews from Amazon. You will need actual experience using the product to write original content.

Step 4: Build natural links

It’s no myth that link building is one of the best ranking factors for Google.

Most people fail at link building because they are trying to get quick links.

What are quick links?

Quick links are not beneficial for the success of your website.

They are built by spamming every site, mailing list, and friend to try to get someone to share your content and give you a link.

It was good 15 years ago, but not anymore.

Getting one naturally obtained link is more important than 100 spammy no-follow links from random places unrelated to your content.

5 effective ways to get a natural backlink:

  1. Create incredibly unique content that no one else has.
  2. Add original images that you have taken yourself.
  3. Create charts and infographics that users can download and share or add to their own website.
  4. Add a quiz or calculator. Carl has an aquarium calculator on a pet website that calculates the volume of water in an aquarium. It’s a great way to get shares and links.
  5. Video content. Create your own videos that people can embed on their website.

There are many other ways, but these five things are all you need for successful link building.

Strategy Summary

The key to a good content creation strategy is simplicity.

  1. Write lots of valuable content.
  2. Focus on one type of content (informative content works best).
  3. Focus only on building natural links.
  4. Let the results flow.

Posting 500 posts in your first month is not essential for this approach to work for you. What is more important is what goes inside those articles (refer to keys 1-3) and the consistency of the post.

Do you want to implement this strategy?

Want to make it easy to create lots of great content and hit your first month goals?

Outsource and automate your topic ideation and content creation.

Visit Hands Off Publishing and find out how we can help transform your content marketing results. If you would like to speak to someone from the team, you can book a call on the next page.

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