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5 Best Digital Marketing Campaigns To Inspire You In 2021

A successful digital advertising project reaches possible users, reverberates with them, as well as creates an enduring link. That said, finding out just how to make this purposeful connection can be an obstacle. When you're looking for ideas, it's never a negative option to consider some of the very best electronic marketing projects around and also see exactly how they got it right.

  1. Below's our top choice of some of the best digital marketing campaigns consisting of outcomes, why we like them, and key takeaway points to obtain you began.
  2. Our pick of the 5 finest digital advertising campaigns to obtain you motivated

  • Lego's "Reconstruct The World"

Lego was produced innovative advertising (in addition to developing things). Just recently, the Danish toy firm launched their initial advertising and marketing project in three decades.

We like it since Best Digital Marketing Campaigns

In their ad, Lego looks past the toy industry at worldwide difficulties. As you enjoy the ad, you casually notice several styles framed within the backdrop. The advertisement centres on the "rebuild" narrative to motivate individuals to consider how to enhance themselves as well as their surroundings. By continuing to be enjoyable as well as using visuals and also tracks that advise users of original Lego adverts, it interest both older as well as more youthful target markets.

The ad got over 11 million on the internet views thanks to its bold stance on social problems that will form the brand name's tale in the coming years.

Secret takeaway

Ethical consumerism is expanding. Show that you care about the obstacles your target market faces and also set yourself aside from the competitors. Include storytelling into your projects to make them more memorable.

  • Gillette's "The very best Men Can Be"

Gillette took a specific social issue, spun a powerful message, as well as built it into their brand story. In the advertisement, "Our company believe: The Best Guy Can Be" Gillette challenges hazardous maleness while humbly explaining that their motto of thirty years "The very best A Guy Can Get" was without a doubt part of the issue.

We love it because

The advertisement strongly tests sex norms while acknowledging Gillette's previous imperfections. The multichannel marketing project includes #TheBestMenCanBe on Instagram and also Twitter. Gillette has centerpiece stories on their web site that approve and also stabilize difficulties that lots of males fight with. The brand has even devoted $1m a year for 3 years to non-profit organizations that aid males achieve their finest.

The ad generated over 36m on-line views as well as their Twitter campaign received hundreds of likes as well as retweets thanks to its conversation as well as sharing possible.

Secret takeaway

Gillette acknowledged their previous failures to move forwards. In doing so, they struck a nerve with their target audience who connected to the problems. Gillette used the hashtag #TheBestMenCanBe to start conversations on social networks as well as attract new audiences that might have not involved with their messages before. It had a lasting impression as individuals proceeded posting regarding it long after the video ad had actually stopped running.

Use natural social media sites and also consist of hashtags in your campaigns to open up discussion with your audience. Not just will it generate more interaction, but more significantly, your customers will certainly connect to your brand and will certainly be most likely to end up being a follower. Clients who are fans help word of mouth online as well as offline and also make them more likely to get as they really feel heard.

In multichannel marketing projects there are so many relocating components to monitor, track and analyse. That's why having the best advertising schedule at your side is necessary for project success.

  • Volkswagen's "The Last Mile"

The Last Mile project bids a psychological goodbye to the legendary Beetle and also emphasizes the brand name's commitment to electric cars.

We like it since

The emotional computer animated video references the automobile's role in pop culture across the years consisting of Andy Warhol's advertisement layouts, Kevin Bacon in the film Footloose as well as the Beatles.

The advertisement acquired nearly two million on-line views and #TheLastMile got countless blog posts on Instagram as well as Twitter. To bid a last farewell, the eight years old cars and truck took control of the signboards of New York's Times Square on New Year's Eve.

Key takeaway

Make the goal of your digital advertising project to produce genuine web content that creates a purposeful link between your brand and also audience for a really enduring impact. Do not be afraid to show that your brand name is evolving with the moments, your customers will certainly recognize and also appreciate a brand name that can confess that it needs to alter.

Struggling for web content suggestions similar to this? All businesses started someplace, use nostalgia to show how far you have actually come and to reconnect with early fans of your brand.

  • Airbnb's user-generated content

Airbnb has actually overthrown the accommodation market largely thanks to their digital advertising and marketing technique. It centers on customer produced social media sites content including pictures, how-to posts, and also tour guide.

We enjoy it due to the fact that

Their social projects attract people's lust for travel and also exotic destinations. This makes the brand name so much greater than a reserving service. Their Instagram account has over 4.7 m fans and also their Facebook web page has 16m followers.

What's even more, Airbnb teams up with influencers for additional engagement, including Lady Gaga who they organized in a luxury Houston residence during her Super Dish performance. The brand messages aspirational web content including attractive Airbnb destinations as well as influencers loosening up as well as having a good time.

Secret takeaway

Airbnb shares interactive and adventure-inspiring web content on social networks. By inspiring people with their content, they motivate individuals to travel using their app.

Like Airbnb, make use of influencer advertising and marketing to excite your target market. Influencer marketing doesn't just indicate on social media. There are influencers in every industry and numerous means electronic marketing experts can use them to enhance a project. We're speaking podcasts, industry webinars, assumed management outreach. Believe outside the box and include it right into your strategy.

Airbnb likewise makes use of user-generated web content to get in touch with their target market. People are inspired by genuine individuals, as well as like an evaluation or review, user-generated content imparts trust in your brand. And as an incentive, it's totally free as well as takes none of your time! Encourage this type of web content by asking for testimonials and also making use of listening tools to find as well as engage with people who are already talking about your brand online.

This sort of material likewise functions as a terrific resource for social media sites ecommerce.

  • Fitbit Stories: "#MyReasonIs".

Fitbit's "#MyReasonIs" campaign highlights tales from private customers that transformed their life for the better with the help of their sporting activities application.

Why we love it.

Is there anything extra effective in an electronic advertising campaign than inspirational success tales directly from customers? Fitbit's campaign includes video clips as well as article from actual individuals sharing their tales. They consist of a woman obtaining fit to fight diabetic issues as well as a male tracking his sleep to boost his well being.

The brand had over 4m fans on social networks and also they often upload helpful web content. What's more, they react to individuals and also commend their initiatives.

Trick takeaway.

Showcasing customer success stories is indispensable to your electronic advertising and marketing project. It highlights your dedication to your users and assures them that your product can add value to their lives. What's more, success stories show you listen to your target market as well as appreciate them.

Include success stories in your campaigns by performing customer studies and sharing outcomes (with approval), or creating a study that you can repurpose for various electronic advertising tools.

Enhance people's lives with your best digital advertising and marketing campaign yet.

The most effective electronic marketing campaigns touch people's lives through pertinent issues and open up the conversation in a positive means. The crucial hinge on producing human-centred advertising campaigns to discover that connection in between your brand values and your target market, ensuring a genuine and also relatable electronic communication.

Need help producing your best digital advertising campaigns yet? Learn just how Mediatool can aid you prepare, track, and optimize your projects by booking a demo listed below.


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