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AG Cameron activates price gouging website, hotline in response to baby formula shortage - Ohio County Monitor

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FRANKFORT, Ky. — In response to the nationwide shortage of baby formula, Attorney General Daniel Cameron today activated the price gouging website and hotline. Kentuckians can report suspected price gouging by visiting or by calling 502-696-5485.

“We’ve taken action to alert Kentuckians of suspected scams related to the nationwide baby formula shortage, and today we activated our website and hotline for Kentuckians to report suspected price gouging of these items,” said Attorney General Cameron. “As parents, Makenze and I recognize the incredible stress and fear that the shortage is causing Kentucky families, and our office will use the full force of the law to ensure that the price charged for essential products like baby formula is no more than the law allows.”

KRS 367.374 outlines the sale or rental of goods and services when a state of emergency is in effect, and states that no person shall sell or rent an item for a price “which is grossly in excess of the price prior to the declaration.”

When filing a price-gouging complaint, Kentuckians are encouraged to report as many details as possible about the suspected price gouging, including the name and address of the seller/retailer, the item purchased, the price of the item after the emergency declaration, and the price of the item before the emergency declaration, if known. If a refund is sought, consumers should also keep receipts from the transaction to show proof of purchase.

Last month, Attorney General Cameron issued a consumer alert warning Kentuckians of suspected scams related to the nationwide baby formula shortage.

To avoid becoming a victim of a baby formula scam, the Attorney General’s Office encourages Kentuckians to:

  • Purchase baby formula from known, reputable sources and, when possible, use a credit card to make the purchase.
  • Avoid paying for infant formula up front, if purchasing from an unknown source.
  • Be suspicious of sources advertising infant formula at prices that are too good to be true. If it seems too good to be true, it is likely a scam.

Kentuckians should report suspected scams to Price gouging should be reported to 502-696-5485 or by visiting

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