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Your comprehensive guide to choosing keywords efficiently - SEO guide for beginners 2022

Your comprehensive guide to choosing keywords efficiently - SEO guide for beginners 2022

Understanding what visitors are looking for at the heart of your site's content will help you create relevant content to satisfy their intentions.

Your comprehensive guide to choosing keywords efficiently - SEO guide for beginners 2022

When you do this successfully, your pages will start ranking for these search terms, and this translates into an increase in search engine traffic.

In this guide, you'll learn what SEO keyword research is, what Keyword Research++ best practices to follow, and how to perform keyword research successfully.

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what is keyword research in seo

SEO keyword research is the process of SEO (SEO) to discover the words or phrases that users type in search engines when searching for information, products or services on the internet that they need.

Benefits of keyword research ?

  • Using targeted words increases the traffic of visitors to your site. Trying to classify keywords that do not lead to visits to the site or in other words that the public does not search for and use your site and write articles about it is a waste of time and benefits of it for your site.
  • If you use your site as a commercial site to sell products, it can increase your target audience's visits to your product. In other words, keywords align with your business goals to increase sales or leads .
  • The web is a rich place and saturated with target words, but unfortunately, it is impossible to control your site on all search words in a particular specialty, but your site will have a share in some words that bring visitors to your site and will not come this only after writing a deep article about this word or words and published through social networks and others .

Why Is Keyword Research Important for SEO?

  1. If you don't know the actual search terms that people are looking for in the niche of your site, you risk optimizing your website for the wrong keywords and thus your site will not bring any visitors and you will not see an improvement in the ranking of visits to it.
  2. Without keyword analysis, you don't know if this is a target keyword to work on and catch .
  3. Without a search, you can't figure out which keywords you can actually rank and may target keywords that you won't be able to rank well due to the power and dominance of competing sites.
  4. Keyword research will help you understand your industry and identify your real competitors.
  5. Keyword research will give you a list of keywords to monitor their rankings and evaluate your SEO performance.
  6. By searching for keywords, you'll learn about the size of your potential audience, which is a useful metric in e-commerce for business sites.


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